Team Directory

Please feel free to contact us via the email addresses below. You can also reach us by phone at 704.847.8575. You will then be connected to the correct person. 


Pastor Alex Kennedy, Senior Pastor - Email Pastor Alex        

        Joy Boyce, Executive Ministry Assistant - Email Joy

Clay Barnes, Interim Executive Pastor - Email Pastor Clay

Joy Boyce, Executive Ministry Assistant - Email Joy  

Worship Ministry
Christopher Kincaid, Worship Associate - Email Christopher

Christopher Kincaid, Worship Associate - Email Christopher

Shelley Griffiths, Worship Ministry Assistant - Email Shelley

Whitney Peters, Orchestra Director

Scott Spruill, Worship Band Director

Generations Ministry
Patrick McCrory, Generations Pastor - Email Pastor Patrick

          Kris Shields, Generations Ministry Assistant - Email Kris

Preschool/WEE School
Rachel Bright, Preschool Minister & WEE School Head of School - Email Rachel

Tiffany Bass, Preschool Associate Minister - Email Tiffany

Cindi Baker, Preschool Ministry Assistant - Email Cindi

Kristin Jones, WEE School Administrative Assistant - Email Kristin

Sandy Morgan, WEE School Receptionist - Email Sandy

Children's Ministry
Will Daniel, Children's Pastor - Email Pastor Will

Sydney Tucker, Children's Interim Associate Children's Minister  - Email Sydney

       Elizabeth Johnson, Children's Ministry Associate - Email Elizabeth

Janice Mumpower, Children’s Ministry Assistant - Email Janice   

Student Ministry
Ryan Jackson, Student Pastor - Email Pastor Ryan

Sophia Garrison, Student Discipleship Minister - Email Sophia

Erin Butler, Student Ministry Assistant - Email Erin

Special Needs Ministry
Audrey Scurfield, Special Needs Ministry Specialist - Email Audrey

Adult Ministry
Jeremy Amick, Adult Pastor - Email Pastor Jeremy

       Brad Ferguson, Connections Pastor, Email Pastor Brad

       Kenny Klinect, Small Groups Pastor - Email Kenny

            Jim Hughes, Men's Ministry Director - Email Jim

            Catherine Nations, Women's Ministry Director - Email Catherine

       Rhonda Chandler, Adult Ministry Assistant - Email Rhonda

Media Center
Mark King, Media Center Director -
Email Mark 

Missional Outreach Ministry
Jon Freeman, Missional Outreach Pastor - Email Pastor Jon 

       Angela Schlottman, Outreach Minister - Email Angela

       David Bass, Global Outreach Pastor - Email Pastor David

Sue Rimer, Missional Outreach Ministry Assistant (Neighbors)- Email Sue

Dawn Morton, Missional Outreach Ministry Assistant (Nations)- Email Dawn

       Josh Fairbaugh, Church Planting Pastor, Redeemer Church

       Lem LeRoy, Church Planting Pastor, Redeemer Church

Julianne Bash, Communications Director - Email Julianne

Melody Hogan, Communications Associate - Email Melody

Ashley Speight, Communications Associate - Email Ashley

Tim Wishon, Church Administrator - Email Tim

Leslie Sheffield, HR Director - Email Leslie

Joy Boyce, Office Manager - Email Joy

Melody McNally, Receptionist - Email Church Office

Diane Wetherbee, Receptionist - Email Church Office

Lisa O'Donnell, Workroom Assistant- Email Lisa

Claire Williams, Financial Administrator - Email Claire

Kelly Morenus, Finance/Accounts Payable - Email Kelly

Joy Motte, Database Administrator - Email Joy

Chris Farnsworth, Facilities Director - Email Chris

Mary Margaret Johnstone, Facilities Assistant  - Email Mary Margaret

Roy Williams, Maintenance Team - Email Roy

Keith Kitchen, Maintenance Team - Email Keith

Thom Hibbard, Maintenance Team- Email Thom

Rusty Burchard, Director of Media Technology - Email Rusty

        Ben Crawford, Media Technology Associate - Email Ben

Travis Currin, Media Technology Associate - Email Travis 

Lance Freeman, Food Services Director - Email Lance

Care & Counseling Ministry
David Dixon, Care and Counseling Pastor - Email David

Wendy Skenderi, Care and Counseling Minister - Email Wendy

Gina Weckerle, Care & Counseling Ministry Assistant - Email Gina

Carmel Christian School
Dr. Jay Hancock, CCS Head of School - Email Dr Jay Hancock