Aspect 3 - Educational Partnership

As part of this partnership, beginning in Fall 2014,Gordon-Conwell will teach three 10-week sessions over a 1-year period, training all of Carmel’s Adult Discipleship Community leaders in the areas of Old and New Testament, Theology, Church History, and Christian Living. The purpose will be to equip members the Church in utilizing seminary faculty as resource in a condensed seminary experience aimed at adults who wish to take non-credit certificate, seminary level training for the purpose of having a more effective ministry in the church and world. As we get closer to the beginning of the first session, registration information will be posted. 

After this 1-year training, beginning in Fall 2015, Carmel will serve as one of South Charlotte’s host locations for Gordon-Conwell’s BibleJourney Program. BibleJourney is a seminary based educational project to increase the level of Biblical literacy in the church.  Another goal of BibleJourney is to help church leaders gain the knowledge and skills to teach the Bible at a higher level and engage them in the teaching ministry of the church.  The BibleJourney classes will be available to anyone in the Charlotte community. 

Gordon-Conwell Seminary will provide both certification and non-credit lay education as needed by the church. BibleJourney classes will be taught by seminary faculty at nominal fees to cover expenses. In for credit instances, the student will be eligible for advanced standing, which can be applied to a student seeking a degree from the seminary.  


To learn more about the BibleJourney program, click HERE.