Carmel Family Prayer List


May 20, 2015


Scott Anderson & Family - Pray for Scott, Samantha, Susanna and Savannah as they grieve the sudden loss of their beloved wife and mother, Stephanie. Her service will be at 10 am tomorrow in the Worship Center with visitation immediately following.

Herman Sease - He is scheduled to have his surgery to have a spinal cord stimulator put in on May 26.  Pray the procedure goes well and that this will relieve his extreme pain.

Jim & Renee Hughes - Pray for their family as they provide continual care for Jim's parents, Bob & Betty Hughes (also members), who live with them. Bob has been at CMC Union for 8 days due to critically low sodium levels. Prayers and calls for Bob are most appreciated- 980.993.3100 (CMC Union).  Additionally, Betty’s health now requires 24 hour care in their home. Pray for all the logistics required and for strength and endurance for Jim & Renee as they care for their family.

Aaron & Belinda Lundquist - Their 4th daughter was born last week at less than 4 lbs and is currently in the NICU at Novant. Pray for the baby to grow and strengthen, and also for Belinda as she recovers from complications due to preeclampsia. They have no family close by so keep Aaron in your prayers as he tries to juggle all the responsibilities for their growing family.

Stacy Forrest - Pray for her continued recovery from neck surgery she had last week to remove a  tumor. Due to serious complications, she required a 2nd surgery a few days later to repair a burst blood vessel in her neck. She is home and continues to improve.  Praise! Her tumor was benign.

Sid & Kathy Bruce  - Pray for Sid as he has been moved to a skilled nursing facility. Pray for Kathy, as well, as she has had some medical issues.

Debbie Horacek - Pray for her continued recovery from recent neuro-brain surgery. She is home from the hospital.


Elaine Branham - Pray for her continued rehabilitation from major leg surgery.

Leon & Clara Talley - Please pray for their son, Brian, as he awaits a new donor kidney.

Ed & Dianne Caldwell - Continue to pray for remission for their son, Joel, who has leukemia.  

Jay & Sharon Crisp - Pray for their young son, Brody. (

Morgan Kizer - Pray his Desmoid Tumor will shrink and be healed.

Suzanne Garrison - Pray for her son, Tripp.

Brian Elbertson - Keep him in your prayers -    www.caring

John Pugh - Check his site for the latest updates:

Check out the Prayer Wall on Carmel’s website to add or pray for any other requests:   (Select: Prayer, then Prayer Wall)