Carmel Family Prayer List


May 25, 2016


Roger McDonald - Pray for his mother, Eula McDonald, fell and broke her femur. She had surgery recently and is in rehab at Charlotte Orthop. Hospital. She hopes to be able to go home next week. Pray for her complete recovery.

Dan Barlowe - Pray for him as he underwent major back surgery this morning at Charlotte Orthop. Hospital. Pray for his full recovery and lengthy rehabilitation.

Ben Tarkenton - Pray for his continued recovery at Novant Uptown from recent brain surgeries.  Pray for is long recovery and for his mom and family.

Eric Moore - Recent tests have confirmed that his cancer has returned. Please be in prayer for him as he and his doctors determine the best course of treatment.

Herman Sease - Continue to keep him in your prayers as he deals with the pain in his back and shingles. 

Dwight Groggel - Pray for him as he has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. He is home from the hospital and will re-enter in a few weeks for another round of treatments.

Andrew McCartney - Continue to pray for him as he recovers from his recent kidney transplant.

Matthew Daggett - Continue to pray for him.

George Satterfield - Continue to pray for his strength and healing.

Morgan Kizer - Continue to pray for healing, strength and that his Desmoid Tumor would shrink. 

Laura Jewell -  Please pray for her and that she would be able to return to attend worship soon.

LuAnn Burke - Continue to pray for her mother, Grace Hawk.

Kathryn Clardy - Pray for her dad’s brother, Uncle Rip, as he is not doing well, but is still undergoing treatments. He is also unable to work.

Margaret Knudson -  Pray for her strength and full recovery.

Lynn McGinn - Pray for peace and comfort for her and her family.

Leon & Clara Talley - Continue to pray for their son, Brian, as he continues with dialysis. Keep Clara in your prayers as she battles bone cancer via oral treatments.

Dot Porter - Pray for her rehabilitation from a bulging disc in her back.

Melissa Wise - Continue to pray for her mother (and member) Deb Bolan, who has ovarian cancer.  

Mercedes Estrada - Pray for her niece, Yanidi, as she is battling cancer. 

Suzanne Garrison - Pray for her son, Tripp.

John Pugh - Check his site for the latest updates -

Check out the Prayer Wall on Carmel’s website to add or pray for any other requests:   (Select: Prayer, then Prayer Wall)