Carmel Family Prayer List


March 22, 2017


Earl & Becky Taylor - Earl’s brother, Carl (hospitalized in Las Vegas), remains in critical condition following a massive stroke. Please pray for the Lord’s comfort and direction for his 2 daughters as they currently are struggling to come to an agreement on their dad’s medical care.

Joseph Leonard - Pray for his continued recovery from recent surgery.

Tommie Carroll - Pray for her continued recovery from a broken femur. (Tommie is Donna Rawls’ mother.)

Ellan Orr - Pray for her continued recovery from hip replacement surgery.  (Ellan is Rebecca Eisert’s mother.)

Brock & Debbie Dixon - Pray for healing for 14 year old daughter, Georgia. 

Lou Weber - Pray for his friend, Gary Griffin, who has stage IV prostate cancer along with long-term depression, which complicates his condition. He does covet your prayers.

Frank & Beth Shepherd - Continue to keep their 3 year old son, Grayson, in your prayers for healing from seizures.

Julie Tucker - Pray for her full recovery from recent shoulder surgery.

Ridge & Sandra Cummings - Pray for their son, Chandler, for patience, comfort and complete healing.

Michelle Soell - Pray for her healing from cancer.

Sonya Bamberg - Keep her mother, Sharon, in your prayers as she battles a recurrence of lung cancer.

Eric Moore - Continue to pray for him as he has had a recurrence of cancer.

Dwight Groggel - Pray for him as continues treatments for acute myeloid leukemia.

Morgan Kizer - Continue to pray for healing, strength and that his Desmoid Tumor would shrink.

Melissa Wise - Continue to pray for her mother (and member) Deb Bolan, who has ovarian cancer.  

Suzanne Garrison - Pray for her son, Tripp.

John Pugh - Check his site for the latest updates -