Carmel Family Prayer List


March 25, 2015


Jane Neely & Family - Beloved husband and father, Jim Neely, passed away on March 24. (Information regarding his service will be sent out as soon as it is finalized.)

Merle Wiens - Pray for her continued recovery from recent total hip replacement surgery.

Elaine Branham - Pray for her continued recovery from surgery where doctors did a bone graft on her leg and also inserted a metal plate to replace some loose screws. Pray for her rehabilitation as well. She will be in rehab at least 1-2 more weeks.

Kathy Bruce - Pray for her recovery from recent rotator cuff surgery.

Stan Rawls - Pray for his mother, Mary, strength, stamina, healing and rehabilitation from recent shoulder replacement surgeries. She is very weak.

Leon & Clara Talley - Please pray for their son, Brian, as his body is rejecting his new kidney and he is not doing well. Please be in prayer for a new donor kidney.

Ed & Dianne Caldwell - Keep their son, Joel, in your prayers as he undergoes aggressive treatments for his leukemia. Pray for remission so he can have a stem cell / bone marrow transplant. Pray for their nephew, Dave, who is recovering from a kidney transplant.

Dottie Oliver - Please pray for her and her family as she is under Hospice care.

Stan & Diane McGee - Pray for Stan’s mother, Katie McGee, as she is under Hospice Care.

Jay & Sharon Crisp - Pray for their young son, Brody. (

Morgan Kizer - Pray his Desmoid Tumor will shrink and be healed.

Suzanne Garrison - Please continue to keep her son, Tripp, in you long-term prayers.

Brian Elbertson - Keep him in your prayers as he seeks treatment options for for his brain cancer. www.caring

Ethel Taylor - Continue to pray for her granddaughter, Emily Young, who has thyroid cancer.

John Pugh - Check his site for the latest updates:

Check out the Prayer Wall on Carmel’s website to add or pray for any other requests:   (Select: Prayer, then Prayer Wall)