Carmel Family Prayer List


February 15, 2017


Earl & Becky Taylor - Earl’s mother, Wanda Duffel, passed away on February 10. Her service will be in Virginia on February 18. Also pray for Earl’s brother, Carl, as he suffered a massive stroke a few weeks ago and is in critical but stable condition at a Las Vegas hospital.

Sean Lee - Please pray for former long-time, Carmel member, Jeanne Hix. Jeanne has a rare form of breast cancer that has spread to her lungs. She is currently under palliative care as there are no effective treatments for her illness. Keep her husband, Ron, and their 2 adult sons, Zachary and Joshua in your prayers. This family grew up at Carmel and appreciate the prayers of everyone here.  If you would like to send a note of encouragement, please send to her at 23 Partridge Berry Loop, Mills River, NC 28759.

Ellan Orr - Pray for her continued recovery from hip replacement surgery. Pray there would be no complications and for her rehabilitation.  (Ellan is Rebecca Eisert’s mother.)

Brock & Debbie Dixon - Pray for healing for 14 year old daughter, Georgia, who is home from the hospital. 

Lou Weber - Pray for his friend, Gary Griffin, who has stage IV prostate cancer along with long-term depression, which complicates his condition. He does covet your prayers.

Frank & Beth Shepherd - Continue to keep their 3 year old son, Grayson, in your prayers for healing from seizures.

Julie Tucker - Pray for her full recovery from recent shoulder surgery.

Eric & Kathy Fletcher - Keep Eric’s mother, Myzelle Fletcher (84), in your prayers.

Tommie Carroll - Pray for her continued recovery from a broken femur.

Stan & Donna Rawls - Pray for Stan’s mother as she is under hospice care. (Donna’s mother is Tommie Carroll.)

Ridge & Sandra Cummings - Pray for their son, Chandler, for patience, comfort and complete healing.

Michelle Soell - Pray for her healing from cancer.

Sonya Bamberg - Keep her mother, Sharon, in your prayers as she battles a recurrence of lung cancer.

Eric Moore - Continue to pray for him as he has had a recurrence of cancer.

Dwight Groggel - Pray for him as continues treatments for acute myeloid leukemia.

Morgan Kizer - Continue to pray for healing, strength and that his Desmoid Tumor would shrink.

Melissa Wise - Continue to pray for her mother (and member) Deb Bolan, who has ovarian cancer.  

Suzanne Garrison - Pray for her son, Tripp.

John Pugh - Check his site for the latest updates -