Carmel Family Prayer List

September 10, 2014 – CARMEL FAMILY PRAYER LIST


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Forest Britt & Family - Forest’s father, Henry Britt, passed away on September 8th in Statesville. His service was earlier today in Hiddenite, NC.

Alvin & Janis Hough - Janis’s brother, Herman Jackson, passed away on September 8th in Greensboro, NC.

Daphne Metzger & Family -  Daphne’s husband, Robert, passed away very suddenly on September 5th. His service will be Friday the 12th at Carmel at 2:00 p.m. in the Worship Center. The family will receive guests immediately following the service.

Betty Acuff - Her brother-in-law, Ronald Gresham, passed away on September 4th in Knoxville, TN. Pray for her as she has had a number of family members pass away in recent months. 

Prayer Requests:

Kathy Bruce - Pray for her as she travels to Winston-Salem to day to undergo some testing.

Carolyn Swanner - Pray for her children’s father, Roy Swanner, as he recovers from surgery in Oregon. He had 2 stents put into blocked arteries in his abdomen. Pray also for his spiritual health.

Jim Spivey - Continue to pray for him as he will undergo treatments for prostate cancer.  

Suzanne Garrison - Please continue to keep her son, Tripp, in your long-term prayers as he will most likely remain in a rehab facility for at least 12 months.

Leon & Clara Talley - Their son, Brian, had kidney transplant surgery 3 years ago and doctors have determined his kidney is failing and he will need a new kidney.

Brian Elbertson - Keep him in your prayers and he seeks treatment options for his brain cancer.

Ethel Taylor - Continue to pray for her granddaughter, Emily Young, who has thyroid cancer.

Anne Tino - Continue to keep her in your prayers. 

Ed & Dianne Caldwell - Continue to pray for their adult son, Joel, who has acute leukemia. 

Stan & Diane McGee – Continue to pray for Stan’s mother, Katie McGee, as she battles breast cancer. 

John Pugh – Check his site for the latest updates: