Carmel Family Prayer List


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Derek & Hollie Taylor - Their 2 ½ month old daughter, Caroline Aubrey Taylor, passed away very unexpectedly on Monday. Her service and burial was this morning in Lancaster, SC. Please keep their family in your prayers during this very difficult time.

Scott & Beth Maloney - Beth’s father, Roland Kelly, passed away on October 14 in Fayetteville, NC.

Prayer Requests:

Richard Roddy, Jr. -  He had successful surgery on his aortic valve on Friday and is recovering.


Stan & Diane McGee - Their 4 year old nephew, Jacob McGee, had very delicate heart surgery last week. Please pray for his complete recovery and for his parents, Matt & Kim McGee. He is hospitalized in Dallas.

Leon & Clara Talley - Their daughter-in-law, Melany Talley, has viral meningitis and is doing much better. The prayers are gratefully appreciated.

Susan Robertson - Her mother, (and Carmel member), Fran Hasty, is at Carrington Rehab. Pray for her to regain her strength so she will be able to have the necessary cancer surgery. 

Jody Hancock - Her father, Philip Fink, had surgery recently (Florida) to remove a cancerous tumor on his pancreas. They removed some lymph nodes and preliminary biopsy reports are negative. Pray for a good final report and that he will recover quickly so he can begin chemotherapy.

Morgan Kizer - Pray his Desmoid Tumor will shrink and be healed. He returns to the Cleveland Clinic in December and requests prayer that the doctors will agree to do the reversal surgery.

Jim Spivey - Continue to pray for him as he will undergo treatments for prostate cancer.

Suzanne Garrison - Please continue to keep her son, Tripp, in your long-term prayers as he will most likely remain in a rehab facility for at least 12 months.

Brian Elbertson - Keep him in your prayers and he seeks treatment options for his brain cancer.

Ethel Taylor - Continue to pray for her granddaughter, Emily Young, who has thyroid cancer.

Ed & Dianne Caldwell - Continue to pray for their adult son, Joel, who has acute leukemia. 

Stan & Diane McGee – Continue to pray for Stan’s mother, Katie McGee, as she has breast cancer. 

John Pugh – Check his site for the latest updates: