Carmel Family Prayer List

WEDNESDAY -  June 20, 2018


Eric & Kathy Fletcher - Eric's father, James S. Fletcher, passed away on June 10 in Wingate. 

Sonya Daley
 - Pray for successful thyroid surgery on June 26. Pray for full recovery and healing.

George Satterfield, Sr. - Pray for him as he deals with breathing difficulties caused by congestive heart failure and fluid build up. He is currently hospitalized at CMC Pineville.

Sherry Barlowe - Pray for relief from pain and swelling in her leg, related to her knee replacement operation several weeks ago.

Holly Prince - Pray for her 19 year old son, Christian, who had an MRI earlier today for a mass on his kidney. Pray that results from the MRI or any upcoming further tests would come back showing the tumor to be benign.

Becky Taylor - Keep family member, Richard Neff, in your prayers. Recent tests shows that treatment can possibly be done vascularly vs surgically for the aneurysm pressing against his brainstem.  Pray for his appointment next Thursday when a final decision will be made.

Debbie Wilburn - Pray for her recovery and rehabilitation from recent surgery where doctors inserted a plate and screws in her lower leg, to heal the 2 fractured bones.

Adam Houser - Pray for his full recovery from recent surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney. Pray also that the pathology report would come back clear!

Lynn Barrett - Keep him in your prayers as he continues his recovery. He is now at Carolinas Rehab.

Roy Williams (CBC Staff) - Continue to pray for Roy’s wife, Christine, as she undergoes radiation and chemotherapy treatments for her cancer.  Pray for Roy and their family and healing for Christine.

Janet Thomsen - Continue to pray for a full recovery for her 33 year old niece, Lydia.

Sarah Douglas -  Continue to pray for her 14 year old nephew, Jack Pessaud, as he battles cancer. 

Lou Weber - Pray for his friend, Gary Griffin, who suffers with depression and has stage IV prostate cancer. 

Ridge & Sandra Cummings - Pray for their son, Chandler, for patience, comfort and complete healing.

Michelle Soell - Pray for her healing from cancer. 

Eric Moore - Continue to pray for him as he has had a recurrence of cancer. 

Dwight Groggel - Pray for him as he continues treatments for acute myeloid leukemia.

Morgan Kizer - Continue to pray for healing, strength and that his Desmoid Tumor would shrink. 

Melissa Wise - Continue to pray for her mother (and member) Deb Bolan, who has ovarian cancer.

John Pugh - Check his site for the latest updates -