Carmel Family Prayer List


November 8, 2017


Family and friends of Betty Acuff - Carmel Charter member, Betty Acuff, passed away peacefully on November 7 in Charlotte. Her memorial service will be on Saturday, November 11 at 1 pm in the Worship Center.  A time of visitation will follow the service.

Wes & Katie Haney - Wes’s father, (Javen “Art” Haney) passed away unexpectedly on November 3 in Gastonia.

Trent & Alyson Younger - Trent’s father (Edward J. Younger) passed away October 24 in Spartanburg after a short battle with cancer.

Ted Wilburn - His friend, Bob Young, had his eye removed as it was damaged beyond repair. Please pray for his ability to adjust to the limitations of having sight in only one eye.

Renee Ratcliffe - Keep her mom, Linda Hatley, in your prayers for strength and her continued recovery.

Leon Talley - Continue to pray for healing from the several breaks in his back and neck.

Janet Thomsen - Continue to pray for a full recovery for her 33 year old niece, Lydia.

Sarah Douglas -  Continue to pray for her 14 year old nephew, Jack Pessaud, as he battles cancer.

Sonya Bamberg - Continue to pray for her mother’s, Sharon, health issues.

Lou Weber - Pray for his friend, Gary Griffin, who suffers with depression and has stage IV prostate cancer.

Ridge & Sandra Cummings - Pray for their son, Chandler, for patience, comfort and complete healing.

Michelle Soell - Pray for her healing from cancer.

Eric Moore - Continue to pray for him as he has had a recurrence of cancer. 

Dwight Groggel - Pray for him as continues treatments for acute myeloid leukemia.

Morgan Kizer - Continue to pray for healing, strength and that his Desmoid Tumor would shrink. 

Melissa Wise - Continue to pray for her mother (and member) Deb Bolan, who has ovarian cancer. 

John Pugh - Check his site for the latest updates -