The Adult Ministry exists to serve adults in various life stages and to assist them in Learning and Living as disciples of Jesus. 

The best place for adults to get started is to connect in a Discipleship Community on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and 11:00am. The primary purpose of our Discipleship Communities is to help you learn biblical truths and to discover ways minister to each other and to our community.  For a complete listing of classes and to find a community that best suits you, click here.

On Sunday and Wednesday evenings we offer Bible study classes on a variety of topics designed for spiritual growth.  We encourage everyone in the Carmel Family to participate in at least one Bible study class each year.  These classes are offered in the spring and the fall and are designed to help adults grow in areas of their lives such as finances, marriage, parenting, church history and Christ-like living.  

For questions about the Adult Ministry at Carmel, contact Jeremy Amick at

Other ministries for adults: