Men's Ministry

Our country is only as strong as our cities, and our cities are only as strong as our churches. Our churches are only as strong as our families, which are only as strong as the marriages in those families. Marriages are only as strong as the men who lead them.

The men of Carmel are challenged to lead, love, and serve their wives and their families.

As men, it is important to be in transformational community with other like-minded men that can challenge each other to live an abundant Life in Christ. There is a fantastic venue for this to occur that is already in place here at Carmel. A Discipleship Community (DC) is that venue. We need to look to Christ and the Bible for the example of how to live. God’s desire is to see dedicated, faithful men who generously Lead, Love, and Serve their wives and their families. This happens best when men spend time in scripture and in prayer. These important disciplines lead to an authentic faith that is lived out in obediently following the example of Christ.

As a DC men’s group, the goal is for men to encourage and challenge each other to be the men that God has called them to be. This life-on-life disciple making is paramount to growing in Christ. This initiative is NOT designed to be the typical Bible study group or a book study group. Rather, this is designed to be a gathering of 3-6 men within a DC who will PRAY together, and look to the Bible for guidance as they do life together. It can look however works best for your group. There does not need to be a designated leader. Just find a time that works for you that minimizes taking additional time away from your family.

The questions below can be a catalyst starter for you. We would suggest focusing on only one question per week and let the Holy Spirit guide your prayer time around one of these questions. Allow the Spirit to stir your heart towards repentance where needed. He will do great things through you if you allow Him to!

Some questions to ask each other:

  • Where am I leading my wife?
  • Where am I leading my kids?
  • How am I leading my family?
  • Why is this my responsibility?
  • How am I showing love to my wife?
  • What is my wife’s love language?
  • How am I showing love to my kids?
  • How am I showing Christ’s love to my grandkids?
  • Why should I serve my family?
  • How am I serving my family?
  • What causes you to withdraw from your wife?
  • What does your wife say or do that challenges you?
  • What is your greatest fear?
  • How does fear dictate how you lead your family?
  • What conversation do you need to have with a family member that you haven’t had? Why not?
  • What lies do you listen to that defeat you?
  • What is the Holy Spirit teaching you through the Word?
  • How is your prayer time?
  • What are your spiritual gifts?
  • How are you using your gifts to edify the body of Christ?


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If you have questions or feedback, please contact:

Patrick McCrory, Generations Pastor

Kris Shields, Ministry Assistant