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Intersect Young Professionals

Intersect is a discipleship community of young professionals. You’ll see post-grad students and young professionals up to age 35. Married, single, studying, working, all are welcome! If Intersect is not for you, Carmel Baptist Church has ministries that meet the needs of people at every life stage. 

We live in step with our church mission statement, “Carmel is committed to making disciples of those Nearest, our Neighbors, and the Nations.” More specifically, a disciple is a follower of Christ in learning and living. Our discipleship community is anchored in Scripture, but knowledge is only part of it. We are committed to follow Jesus in the way we live. So we embody this definition of discipling those Nearest (those who are nearest and dearest to us), our Neighbors (colleagues and neighbors we rub shoulders with daily) and the Nations (everyone on God’s earth).

We believe in being a transformational community that creates a space to build meaningful relationships through regular service projects, social events, mission trips and retreats. The name of our Lord Jesus Christ is the desire of our hearts. Whoever you are, you are most welcome here!

Click here to check out photos of the Intersect Young Professionals Ministry.


Discipleship Communities


Every week, Intersect attends the 9:30am Worship Service (we sit on the right, near the front) and straight after at 11:00am we have discipleship community in room S303 on the second floor (above the welcome desk).


Our mid-week co-ed small group typically meets on Thursday nights throughout the year.



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