Being a part of a caring community of Christ followers

At Carmel Baptist we believe that involvement in a small group Bible study and connecting with other believers is critical to one’s spiritual growth. This is why we encourage everyone to find their place in a Discipleship Community. It’s also the reason why we provide meaningful and practical Bible Study for all ages — from infants to senior adults. 

Discipleship Communities for all ages meet at 9:30 and 11:00 am.  For a list of Communities, click here.

How do I get started?

Stop by a Welcome Desk near any main entrance where a greeter will help everyone in your family find their place. 

All of our Discipleship Communities are open to new people every week.

Adults in similar life stages form the basis of our adult Discipleship Communities. A listing can be found here.

Parents of preschoolers will find age appropriate facilities and teaching ‘Downtown’ at Carmel. Elementary aged children are welcomed in the ‘Uptown’ area. Students find their space in the Gym. 

What are the goals of the Discipleship Community Ministry? 

We sum it up in three words: REACHING, TEACHING and CARING. All of our communities are organized to reach people for life-changing Bible Study, to teach the Bible clearly and accurately, and to care for each other.

Is this the place to get to know people? 

Yes! Carmel is a large church, so new people often ask, “How do I get to know other people?” Our answer is, “a Discipleship Community.” These communities are small group fellowships organized to minister to their members. It is the place to make new friends and find spiritual and personal support for everyday life. 

What do you study in the communities? 

All of our classes study the Bible.

Preschoolers (birth-kindergarten) learn by listening to a brief Bible story and by singing, doing crafts and other fun exercises that help the simple truth sink in. Learn more about our Preschool Ministry here.

Elementary-aged children learn through a combination of a large group teaching time and small group activities. Learn more about CarmelKidz (our Elementary-aged ministry) here.

Middle school and high school students also learn by a combination of large group and small group time. Learn more about our Student Ministry here.

The Bible lessons for your children are easy to follow and relevant to everyday life. Adults use a variety of curricula with the primary goal of accelerated spiritual development for all learners. No matter how much you know about the Bible, you'll find your place in a Discipleship Community. 

Other Questions? 

If you have any other questions, our team is ready to help. Call 704.847.8575 to talk with a pastor. We want to help you find your place at Carmel.