Midweek for Preteens

Midweek in the Junction!

Each Wednesday in the Junction looks a little different.

Preteens enjoy Famjam once a month. We act as greeters and help out in other ways while all the school aged families enjoy Famjam, we do too!

The other Wednesdays we are looking at how the LIFE APPLICATIONS might look in a Preteens world as we...                                                                                                                            

  • Hear about and take part in Mission and Service with those Nearest at Carmel and our Neigbors
  • Learn to give away our faith using the things we learn through "Dare to be a Daniel" in our school or with our friends 
  • Team Building Nights where we learn to lean on each other and grow together as a team 
Each Wednesday is a little different in the Junction click here for more information