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New Chinese Pastors

Two New Chinese Pastors 

The Chinese Ministry is proud to announce it has called Pastor Haohsin Huang to be the new pastor of the Chinese congregation at Carmel.

In additional news, the Chinese Ministry is also proud to announce it has called Pastor Walton Yuen to the new position of Chinese Ministry Associate Pastor. In this post, Pastor Yuen will focus his ministry on American Born Chinese (ABCs), both youth and adult.

To learn more about these new pastors, click here.  

Pastor Haohsin Huang has accepted Carmel's call to serve as Chinese Pastor effective September 1, 2014. On Sunday, July 13, he preached at the Chinese worship service. He and his wife, Won-Chin, will also be available in the Gathering Space between services to meet the Carmel Family.  

Back to School Lock In 

A Back to School Lock In for Chinese Ministry Students was held on Friday, August 15 and Saturday, August 16.  We had over 90 people join us during the day! It was a great start for Pastor Walton as he builds relationships within the Chinese ministry! Click here for pictures from the event. 

Weekly Chinese Ministry Activities:

1. Adult Chinese Sunday School: Sunday 9:30am in room C102, C103, C104, C105, C106. 

2. Sunday Worship (Translation available): 11:00am in the Gym.

3. Prayer meeting:7:30pm at Vickie Wang's house;   Wednesday 7:30pm at Qiuming Wei's house.    

4. Evergreen Fellowship: Wednesday 10:00am at room U221/222.                                   

5. Women's Fellowship: Thursday 10:30am at Carmel Room.                                       

6. Friday Bible Study : Worship at 7:30pm in the Loft; Bible Study at 8:00pm in class rooms.


Yanyan Yang - Chinese Ministry Assistant - Email

Daniel Yen - English Adult Ministry - Email

Rose Yen - Youth Ministry - Email 

Sylvia Roan - Children's Ministry - Email

Jenny Chen - Asian Americans Fellowship - Email

For more information, contact Yanyan Yang at 704.847.8575 x 3069



Our Pastor    我们的牧师

Our Chinese School  中文学校

Sisters Fellowship  姐妹团契

Evergreen Fellowship  长青团契

Sunny Exercise  阳光赞美健身团契

Friday Adult and Children Bible Study  周五成人及儿童查经班

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