Serve THROUGH Carmel

Serving Our Community

At Carmel, we believe service to the community around us is a natural outflow of a healthy discipleship process.  And the primary discipleship vehicle at Carmel is the Discipleship Community.  Because of this, every Discipleship Community is committed to engaging in ongoing, relational, gospel-centered ministry within our community.  It is our hope to show the love that Christ has shown us, to the community around us.  

If you are interested in serving the community through Carmel, we would first encourage you get involved in a Discipleship Community. Click here for a listing of our Discipleship Community broken down by life stage as well as where they serve within our greater community.  


Carmel Serve Project Funding

The Missional Outreach Committee has budgeted for Discipleship Community outreach projects with their local ministry partners to encourage class members to be intentional in their community in gospel-centered ministry.

A project funding request form must be filled out in advance and then approved before receipts can be submitted for reimbursement.

   STEP #1Click here to complete the online Project Funding Request Form. 

Once the request is approved, Discipleship Communities can receive reimbursement for items purchased toward the outreach project, up to the approved amount, and within 30 days of the project/event.  

   STEP #2 -  Click here to download the Reimbursement Form.  Discipleship Communities should turn in the reimbursement form, along with any receipts (scanned copies are acceptable), to Diane McGee in the church office within 30 days of the outreach project. 

If you have any further questions about serving through Carmel, please contact Diane McGee at .