Sharing God’s Story

We want every believer to consistently tell the gospel story of God’s grace and love within his or her circle of influence and to do so as a normal, natural part of daily life. Therefore, in the Carmel Family we want to be God’s storytellers, intentionally creating opportunities for telling His story. 


Personal Evangelism Training Opportunities:

Carmel provides many opportunities to be trained in how to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around us.  The primary evangelism training comes from the pulpit.  Carmel is committed to consistently, teaching and preaching the Gospel in our primary teaching platform. Following are a few of the other key ways we seek to train our members to become missionaries in our community:


The Story

Telling God's story requires that each member of Carmel Baptist Church knows God's story.  Thus, Carmel is committed to training each of our members in "The Story" evangelism training method. Pick up "The Story" booklets at the church and feel free to share them with friends.  


Conversational Pre-Evangelism

In 2012, all Carmel Discipleship Communities were trained in Conversational Pre-Evangelsim (CPE) with Dr. David Geisler.  This curriculum follows the book Conversation Evangelism, co-authored by Dr. David Geisler with his father Dr. Norm Geisler.  We highly recommend reading this insightful book on how to build relationships with those around you to share the good news of Christ.  Contact the church office to order a copy today.  For a copy of a bookmark briefly describing the four basic CPE check points, click here. Five of the six audio messages are now available for download, click here.