CS Music

Download Standards and Responsibilities

CS Music is made up of High School Students and they lead our students in worship at Midweek. If you are interested in serving and using your talent to lead worship take some time to download and read the Standards and Responsibilities above.

To set up a time for an audition please email Christopher Kincaid, our Worship Associate, at  At the bottom of this page you will find the music and a song that you will play for your audition. Please bring your own instrument and music. (Drums and keys will be provided).

If you are already a member of CS Music you do not need to audition again unless you are auditioning for another instrument. 

Requirements of CS Music:
  • Attend weekly worship services at Carmel; 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00am.
  • Attend and actively participate in Student Discipleship Community.
  • Attend the CS Music trainings.
Responsibilities of CS Music:
  • Practice the music you are given before showing up for rehearsal.
  • Occasionally we have Sunday afternoon rehearsals, the week you are scheduled to play. You will know a couple weeks in advance if this is the case.
  • On the Wednesdays you are scheduled to play: you will be expected to be here to set up and run through at 4:00pm, participate in our Student Leadership training at 5:45pm and tear down until 8:00pm each Wednesday after worship.
  • After the worship set, sit with all the students and be a part of the Carmel Students Worship service.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that is worthy of your position. This includes your conduct in school, out of school, at home, and online.
  • CS Music members can and will be dismissed from serving at the discretion of Student Ministry team.
Music and Charts

For your audition, you will play or sing Lion and the Lamb by Leeland along with members of the band. This is not meant to be a stressful or difficult experience. We want to find out where you are musically, and how you would best plug in as a part of this team.

For Musicians, Lion and the Lamb was originally recorded in the Key of B. We play it in the key of G. This is why you have both charts, both tracks, and the charts. The audition will be in the key of G. Click on the links below to listen to the song and view the charts. 

Lion and the Lamb MP3 in B

Lion and the Lamb in B Chord Chart

Lion and the Lamb MP3 in G

Lion and the Lamb in G Chord Chart

Lion and the Lamb in G Lead Sheet

Lion and the Lamb Lyrics