Preschool Essentials

In the Preschool years, parents should focus on...


1. Building trust with their child.

When a child learns to trust their caregivers whom they can see, it becomes a natural thing for them to transfer that trust to a God they cannot see.

 2. Establishing good spiritual habits

  - attend church regularly

  - establish bedtime routine of blessing and Bible story

  - establish a regular family devotion time (start with 1 time a week)

 3. Reading basic foundational Bible stories
 4. Capturing  God moments

These are informal moments where God is working in the life of your child. Use these moments to point them to Christ.


Here at Carmel...

Each week, preschoolers (2 and older) take home numerous crafts and activities that they have worked on during the Sunday School hours. Preschoolers learn by doing.  When they are part of the process, they can better remember the concepts taught.  The work they bring home is also intended to initiate conversation between parent and child.  It allows you to ask questions about the things they have learned.  Even at these early ages, our intent is not just to provide information.  You will often find we have talked about life application skills and virtues (obedience, helpfulness, thankfulness, sharing).  As parents, you can help them find ways to live these concepts out in their little lives.


2014 - 2015 Sunday Morning Preschool Bible Stories and Lessons...

Click HERE for a list of our Sunday Morning Preschool Worship Songs.

Promotion Sunday: August 24

God Gave Us the Bible

In the Beginning


31     God Created Light, Sky, Land, Water


7       God Created the Sun and Moon

14     God Created Fish and Birds

21     God Created Animals and People

28     The First Sin  

Men of Faith 


5       Noah’s Big Boat

12     Abraham’s New Home

19     Abraham’s Family Grows

26     Isaac Blesses Jacob 



2       Ruth and Naomi

9       David and Goliath

16     David and Jonathan

23     David and Mephibosheth 

God Sends His Son


30     Elizabeth and Zechariah


7       An Angel Visits Mary

14     Journey to Bethlehem, Jesus is Born!

21     Shepherds Visit the Stable

28     Royal Visitors   

Jesus: The Early Years

January 2015

4       Escape to Egypt

11     The Boy Jesus

18     Matthew Follows Jesus

25     12 Disciples

Jesus: His Ministry


1       Jesus Calms the Storm

8       The Hole in the Roof

15     Parable of the Lost Son

Jesus: His Message (Love and Forgiveness)


22     Jesus Forgives the Woman at the Well


1       Jesus Forgives Zacchaeus

8       Jesus Forgives Nicodemus

Jesus: His Mission


15     The Last Supper

22     In the Garden

29     Palm Sunday


5       Jesus is Alive!

12     The Road to Emmaus

19     Breakfast on the Beach

26     The Holy Spirit Comes

The Early Church


3       The First Church Shares

10     Peter and John Heal a Lame Man

17     Phillip and the Ethiopian

24     Saul Meets Jesus

31     Paul’s Ministry


7       Timothy


Coming Summer 2015 - Leaders of Israel: Judges and Kings!