Sunday Ministries for Preschoolers

Sunday  Ministries for Preschoolers

8:00 and 11:00 Sunday morning Discipleship Communities                          

9:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning Large Group

Children are encouraged to stay for 2 hours while parents attend both Bible Study and worship.

Our Sunday morning curriculum is one of a kind, written especially for Carmel preschoolers.

At 9:30, all children age 2 – kindergarten go to a large group setting to hear the Bible story from an animated storyteller . The children also enjoy high energy music with motions in their large group setting. At 9:30 the children also enjoy making an art project and a yummy snack.

At 8:00 and 11:00, the Bible story is reinforced in an interactive way. Art activities will always be related to the Bible story. Small group activities are also planned to reinforce the story and biblical truths being taught. 

2013-14 Sunday Morning Preschool Bible Lessons and Stories...

Click HERE for a list of our Sunday Morning Preschool Worship Songs. 

Prophets:  God's Special Messengers


3     Elijah - fire and rain on the prophets of Ba'al, King Ahab

10    Jonah - in the belly of the fish, delivers God's message to Ninevah

17    Daniel - in the lion's den, obeys God's laws and keeps praying

24    Isaiah - people get ready, pointing people to the birth of the Savior


Christmas:  God Sent His Son


1     Elizabeth and Zechariah

8     An Angel Visits Mary

15    Journey to Bethlehem, Baby Jesus is Born

22    Shepherds Visit the Stable

29    Royal Visitors, the Wise Men Follow the Star


Jesus:  His Childhood and Early Ministry


5     Baby Jesus Presented at the Temple (Anna and Simeon)

12    Jesus is "Lost"

19    John the Baptist - Preparing the way in the desert

26    Jesus Chooses Special Helpers  - the 12 Disciples


Jesus:  His Teachings


2     How to Pray - The Lord's Prayer

9     Do Not Worry - The birds of the air

16    How to Treat Others - The Golden Rule


Jesus:  His Healings


23    Ten Lepers - one man says 'thank you'



2     A Man Born Blind - healed with mud at the Pool of Siloam

9     Two Miracles in One Day - Jairus's daughter and a sick woman


Jesus:  His Miracles


16    Walking on Water - Peter's step of faith

23    Feeding the 5,000 - One little boy shares his lunch

30    The Coin in the Fish's Mouth - Jesus pays the temple tax


Jesus:  His Journey to the Cross


6     Expensive Perfume - Mary anoints Jesus

13    Palm Branches - Palm Sunday

20    The Cross and the Tomb - Jesus is alive again!

27    Up Through the Clouds - Jesus goes to Heaven


Parables:  Jesus's Special Stories


4     Parable of the Lost Sheep

11    Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders

18    Parable of the Sower

25    Parable of the Lost Coin