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Carmel College

Carmel College is a discipleship community of young adults around college age. You’ll see people in college, in the military, in careers and everything in between. Studying, working, single, married, all are welcome! If it feels a little “young”, our Intersect Young Professionals are great folks to get plugged in with, and you are so welcome to join us there!

We live in step with our church mission statement, “Carmel is committed to making disciples of those Nearest, our Neighbors, and the Nations.” More specifically, a disciple is a follower of Christ in learning and living. Our discipleship community is anchored in Scripture, but knowledge is only part of it, we are committed to follow Jesus in the way we live too. So we embody this definition of disciple to those Nearest (those who are nearest and dearest to us), our Neighbors (our roommates, classmates, and sphere of influence) and then also to the Nations (everyone on God’s earth!).

We believe in being a transformational community; and Carmel College creates the space to build meaningful relationships through on Sundays, one-on-one discipleship, regular service projects, social events, and mission trips. We live so that the name and renown of our Lord Jesus Christ will be the desire of our hearts, and whoever you are, you are most welcome here!


Discipleship Community


Every week, Carmel College attends the 9:30am Worship Service (we sit on the right, near the front) and straight after at 11:00am we have discipleship community in room R109 on the second floor (above the welcome desk).

Campus Visits 

A couple times a year we make visits to the various campuses in and around North Carolina. We try to go to as many as possible and take you out for dinner, touch base and let you know that Carmel is thinking about you and praying for you as you study.


Spring break, summer break, fall break, winter break and any other reason to come home, we rev things up ten fold! We have tons of social events, service projects, concerts, pool parties, movie nights, home bible studies, and on and on! Besides good times, and gathering around the Word, prayer and worship, it’s a great time to reconnect with old friends, and make new ones.



If you’re away for school; go to our Carmel Page for all general updates. If you’re in Charlotte, connect to us on Facebook.


CHARLOTTE/ONE is a worship and teaching gathering of 20-30 somethings that meet every first and third Tuesday night at 7:00pm at First United Methodist Church in Uptown Charlotte. The heart and soul of CHARLOTTE/ONE is to see a city of young adults gathered across denominational lines united under the strong name of Jesus Christ and his prayer in John 17, “Let them be ONE, so that the world may know…” They believe in the local church, and we believe in them. Check the Facebook pages for when we go, and join hundreds of us gathered as ONE to worship God. 

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