High School Leadership

Fuel - HSL

It is time for the High School Leadership (HSL) application process. Please take time to pray and read through the description and requirements below before applying. 

To apply for HSL, contact Joseph McMurry at .

Thank you for you interest in High School Leadership for the Fall of 2014. We’re asking a lot from High School Leadership and because of this, we realize High School Leadership isn’t for everyone. Many people won’t want to rise to the high level of commitment we are expecting. Others might not have enough time to commit. If High School Leadership isn’t for you, don’t be discouraged. Not being involved in High School Leadership isn’t necessarily a measure of your spiritual maturity.

We appreciate your desire to serve and it is our hope to assemble a team to invest into students and lead by example. We are prayerfully asking God to lead us as we go through the applications to the students that He desires in leadership. While we would love for everyone to serve as high school leaders, it has become necessary for us to limit the size of our leadership team. Students will be placed in a position by the Student Ministry Team. Please understand that not everyone that applies will be selected.

Description of HSL 

The High School Leadership program at Carmel Baptist Church, is an opportunity for students in grades 9 - 12 to grow in their relationship with God, invest in the lives of other students, and develop valuable leadership skills.

Positions available for High School Leadership (HSL) include serving on the Connection Crew or as a MS Fuel Group Leader. Connection Crew opportunities include Sunday mornings in Discipleship Community, Sunday evenings at HS Fuel, and Wednesday Evenings at MS Fuel. 

Requirements for High School Leadership:
  • Attend the High School Leadership training events. 
  • Attend a weekly worship service at Carmel; 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00.
  • Attend and be an active part of a Sunday Morning Discipleship Community Group.
  • Attend High School Fuel and be an active part of a Fuel Group