Mexico Mission Trip

2017 Dates

Dates for 2016 are July 1 - 8, 2017.

Mexico Mission Trip 2016 - Short from Carmel Students on Vimeo.

About Big Heart Orphanage

Big Heart is located in Reynosa, Tamaulipas MX, right across from Pharr, Texas U.S.  They opened their doors October of 2000 and have been blessed to be a part of some amazing kids lives. Currently Big Heart houses 18 children. Big Heart has 10 beds for girls and 10 beds for boys along with 3 mini apartments for teenagers.

Big Heart’s main purpose is to supply a loving home for kids and orphans including food, clothing, and education. They do have a few “true orphans” but many of the children are from Mexican single-parent families that do not have consistent work in order to supply the needs of their children.  A majority of the parents are still involved in their children’s lives and the children do get to go home to their families every other weekend. 

While the children’s age vary between 6-10, they do have some children who are older and younger. Once a child turns 18 the government requires them to leave the orphanage.

There are many orphanages that house over a 100 children. However, Big Heart’s facility is smaller. They strive to provide more of a home rather than just a shelter. 

They call Gator, dad, and Deanna, mom. They are working hard to disciple the children that are entrusted with for the time that they have with them. Some children have grown up in the orphanage and graduated. Others, the parents take back as their finances become stable. The deep relationships that they form with the children creates a relationship that lasts long after they are no longer at the orphanage.

They are not caring for these children in hopes that they will be adopted or go to the U.S.Big Heart Orphanage makes it a priority to help raise up a generation of Mexican people who love God, lead their homes and eventually lead the nation of Mexico.  


God has provided Big Heart with the finances to do some amazing ministry within their community on top of providing a home for children in recent years. When the economy was strong and support was plentiful they would give out their leftovers once a week and the people of the community would line up to receive it. Gator has tremendous influence within the community because of all the good that he and his family have done in Christ’s name. 

Big Heart Orphanage is vital to the community and the people of the community have great respect for them. 

With every mission trip there is a need for training to be wise and intentional about making provisions for safety. Gator would let us know if he felt that it would not be safe for us to go. He would not put our leaders or students in a situation that was violent. 

Big Heart Community Center

Big Heart does have a Community Center across the street from the orphanage. The goal for this place is to be a safe place for their kids and community to play and get together. They host community Bible studies. They have an eventual goal of a food pantry and clothing facility for the community. The Community Center has 15’ walls and is gated. Micah and Jenny live on the top of the community center.