CS Midweek

Each Wednesday night during the school year from 6:15-7:45pm, Carmel has a student worship service for 7-12 grade students in the Student Center. Each night is a bit different but always has time to hang out, variety time, worship, and a message. This is a great first step for any student to get involved in student ministry. Guests are always welcome! Doors open at 6pm and you are welcome to hang out after!


The purpose of MDWK is to disciple students through a worship service that focuses on current/topical teaching, engaging worship music, and an inviting atmosphere.

Main Goals of FUEL Worship

  1. Emphasizing response of repentance, faith, and disciple-making.
  2. Ownership by Student Leadership.
  3. Create a “you belong here” culture. 
To download a list of dates for Midweek Worship this school year click here.