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Disaster Response

(updated October 17, 2017)

Carmel is deeply saddened by the catastrophic impact of the
recent hurricanes and earthquakes. 

We are continuing to work closely with the North Carolina Baptist Men Disaster Response Team and the Eastern Baptist Convention of Cuba to determine how to respond in the most effective and impactful way. At this time, below are ways through Carmel you can personally respond and help. 


Donate to Carmel's Disaster Relief Fund.

100% of your donation to Carmel's Disaster Relief Fund will be allocated to trusted ministries on the ground in the impacted area. Please select "Disaster Relief Fund" when prompted to select a fund. 

Click here to donate. 




We celebrate the way God has worked in and through our Texas and Florida trip teams. We continue to work with partners to schedule future trips. Click below to be alerted to future trips as they are planned.  

Cuba: To Be Scheduled

Our Nations team is working through our partners in Cuba (including NC Baptist) to meet ongoing needs. In addition to helping with local recovery efforts, a portion of the funds given for the purpose of disaster relief are also being given to help global partners respond to this crisis. Thank you so much for generously giving to help meet these needs.


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Lord, we pray the body of Christ will unite and will clearly demonstrate the love of Christ through each gift and act of service. Below are strategic prayer points prayed by fellow believers in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We can pray this for all impact by natural disaster.


This page will be updated as we have new information so check back periodically.