Elder Body

The Elder Body oversees the worship, fellowship, witness, education, mission and ministry of the church. The Elder Body models and teaches biblical godliness, equips the saints for the work of the ministry, shapes policy, prays, teaches, upholds doctrine, oversees church discipline and shepherds the flock.

The Elder Body at Carmel is comprised of a maximum of fifteen elders, consisting of seven pastoral elders and eight lay elders. The Elder Body leads and shepherds the church in all decision making matters. 

The elders are:

Alex Kennedy, Chair
Tom Powell, Vice-Chair
Clay Barnes
Chad Bryant
Jay Hancock
Jim Hughes
Calvin James
Rob Kelly
Lem LeRoy
Steve Maddox
Patrick McCrory
Joseph McMurry
Jerry Moore
Gus Stallings
Ted Wilburn


Elder Nominations

Church members are asked to submit nominations for new members of the Elder Body for the next term. You will find additional information about the Elder member qualifications on the ballot. Click here for the online ballot. Nominations are open through September 28.