Team Directory

Please feel free to contact us via the email addresses below. You can also reach us by phone at 704.847.8575. You will then be connected to the correct person. 

Pastor Alex Kennedy, Senior Pastor -         

        Shannon Farmer, Senior Pastor Assistant -    

Jay Hancock, Executive Pastor -

Shannon Farmer, Executive Ministry Assistant -

Haohsin Huan, Chinese Ministry Pastor -  

Walton Yuen, Chinese Ministry Associate - 

YanYan Yang, Chinese Ministry Assistant -

Kenji Takami, Japanese Ministry Associate -

Yoshiko Takami, Japanese Ministry Assistant -

Lem LeRoy, Senior Worship Pastor -

Tina Long, Worship Associate -

Shelley Griffiths, Worship Ministry Assistant -

Patrick McCrory, Generations Pastor -

          Kris Shields, Generations Ministry Assistant - 

Debbie Vanhoy, Director of Preschool/WEE School -

Missy Stiokas, Assistant Director of WEE School -

Cindi Baker, Preschool Ministry Assistant -

Jackie Lawing, WEE School Ministry Assistant -

Peggy Turner, Preschool Associate -

Sean Lee, Director of Children's Ministries -

       Allison Blaylock, Children's Ministry Associate - 

Leah Kilcoin, Children's Ministry Associate -

Janice Mumpower, Children’s Ministry Assistant -    

Joseph McMurry, Student Pastor -

Ryan Jackson, Student Discipleship Pastor -

Kristen Fairbaugh, Student Ministry Coordinator,

Lauren Wright, Student Ministry Assistant -

Justin Taylor, College and Young Adult Pastor -

       Shannon Farmer, College & Young Adult Assistant - 

Jeremy Amick, Adult Pastor -

       Robin Davis, Adult Ministry Assistant - 

       Melanie Hatfield, Adult Ministry Assistant - 

Rob Kelly, Missional Outreach Pastor -

Kostiantyn Goncharov, Global Outreach Associate -

Angela Schlottman, Outreach Associate - 

Diane McGee, Missional Outreach Ministry Assistant -

Julianne Bash, Communications Director - 

Belinda Schrenker, Communications Assistant - 

Ashley Speight, Communications Associate - 

Tim Wishon, Church Administrator -

Leslie Sheffield, Office/HR Administrator -

Melody McNally, Receptionist - 

Penni Barrett, Receptionist -    

Josh Loftin, Financial Administrator -

Alesha McNally, Finance/Accounts Payable - 

Pam Horton, Food Services Administrator -

Joy Motte, Database Administrator -

Chris Farnsworth, Facilities Administrator -

Lisa McMurry, Facilities Assistant - 

Roy Williams, Maintenance Team - 

Keith Kitchen, Maintenance Team - 

Todd Moser, Maintenance Team - 

Ben Crawford, Media Technology Administrator -

Clay Barnes, Care and Counseling Senior Pastor - 

David Dixon, Care & Counseling Pastor - 

Gina Meinders, Care & Counseling Ministry Assistant - 

 Van Wade, Carmel Christian School Head of School -

Jack Kelley, CCS Assistant Head of School -

Vacant, CCS Business Administrator 

Leslie Prewette, Administrative Assistant to Assistant Head of School -  

Missy Johnston, Admissions Director -

Donna Scott, School Secretary -

Skye Sauerwein, Assistant to Head of School -

April Getz, Media Center Director -