Central Ukraine (Carmel Students)

Central Ukraine (Carmel Students)

Friday, June 26, 2020 - Saturday, July 04, 2020

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For years, the Church in Ukraine struggled to shake the long shadow cast by 69 years of communism. Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union and newly gained freedoms in the early 1990’s, most churches appeared paralyzed, afraid to engage in outreach. Sadly some closed their doors all together. However, all was not lost as not every church fit the mold. One local church began humbly as a gathering of four families drinking tea in the living room of one apartment. Eager to spread the hope they had found to those who had been without for so long, they grew and soon became catalyst for spiritual change in Ukraine. Today they are intentionally sending their members to engage in parts of Ukraine where there is still no local expression of the church.

Come play your unique role in Carmel's ongoing relationship of over 15 years of partnership with Irpin Bible Church. Join us this year as we continue building on relationships and ministering to the community through sports camps, community outreach, and other serving opportunities through the local church's main campus, as well new church plants in nearby communities.

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