Famjam/ Kidjam


A bigger impact is made when the church and family work together!

The Church, Yellow (light of the world) + The Home, Red (love of family) working together, make a bigger impact than just two influences. Combining forces make the color Orange that you see all over the Carmelkidz Ministry.

CarmelKidz ministry produces a monthly Family eXperience called Famjam. Famjam is a family production where parents and kids (1st-6th graders) learn a monthly LIFE APPLICATION together on the first Wednesday of each month.  Parents and kids discover a LIFE APPLICATION reflecting who God is so they can live out God's character every day. Famjam is fast paced, fun and relevant!

Famjam is not designed for preschoolers. Preschoolers are encouraged to attend Carmel Preschool GROW program on Wednesday Nights.

Kidjam is what kids(1st -5th grade) do on other Wednesday nights. Kids will come to the Uptown auditorium for kid friendly worship, then will break into small groups in their room to continue to learn what the monthly LIFE APPLICATION looks like in their life.

Famjam/Kidjam (Doors Open at 6:15pm in the Uptown Auditorium).  Wednesday evening programs run until 7:30pm.