Carrigan Farms

Carrigan Farms

Wednesday, July 25, 2018, 2:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: Carrigan Farms, 1261 Oak Ridge Farm Hwy., Mooresville, NC US 28115

Group: Fuel Group

Cost: $30.00


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Registration Process
  • Register by following the registration button below.
  • Please download and print the forms from the button below. All forms must be filled out and returned to Student Ministry Team by July 22.
  • Register for Swim Test when we arrive at Carrigan Farms.
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Who: All Middle School and High School Students

Times: Check-in: 2:30pm. Depart: 3pm. Return: 10pm.

Description: Looking for the perfect time to get plugged in? All Middle School and High School Students are invited join us for a day trip to Carrigan Farms. Join us for cliff jumping, sand volleyball, swimming, and a cook out. You do not want to miss the opportunity to make great connections and build relationships with other students. This day trip is one of the most anticipated events of the summer!

What to Bring: Modest bathing suit (one piece or a tankini that touches), change of clothes, towel, and sunscreen.

Swim Test Information from Carrigan FarmsOur beautiful quarry is an excellent venue for swimming and water recreation; however, swimming in the quarry is not without risk. The quarry water is 25 feet deep, so you cannot touch the bottom. Strong swimming skills are a safety requirement. We recognize that many clients claim they can swim, but in actuality their abilities vary widely. In order to better assess the swimming ability of our clients and prevent accidental drowning, we have modified our swim policy. The paragraphs and information below describe these modifications.

Beginning in 2015, swimming in the quarry itself has required either use of a life jacket or a grade of PASS on the swim test. In order to be eligible to take the swim test, you must be at least 12 years old. This means all guests ages 11 and under will have to wear a life jacket in the quarry water.

The swim test itself consists of the following steps:

1. Registration online of each guest at Carrigan Farms.

2. At the event, the lifeguards facilitate the actual test, which includes the following:

  • Jump off the rock and into the water at the designated area indicated by the lifeguards
  • Swim to the buoy
  • Tread water for one minute
  • Swim to the ladder at the rock wall and exit the water
  • Watch an example here

3. Upon exiting the water at the ladder the lifeguards will determine if you have or have not passed the swim test. If you pass, you will receive a wristband which signifies that you have passed. This means you will be able to swim in the quarry water without a life jacket. If you do not pass, the lifeguards will tell you to use a life jacket at all times while swimming in the quarry water. Please bear in mind that a passing grade on the swim test does not change the fact that all the water is 25 feet deep, and there are inherent risks involved in swimming in deep water. All swimming remains at your own risk.

There are many sizes and types of life jackets available for your usage at the quarry. If you prefer, you may bring a life jacket from home. Additionally, guests that have passed the swim test can feel free to put on a life jacket, if they wish, at any time.

We hope that the modifications to our swim policy are a positive change and not a hindrance to the quarry experience. Our overarching goal is for everyone to enjoy the water safely.

Carrigan Farms 2015 from Carmel Students on Vimeo.