Bob and Cathy Watanabe




We serve the Lord at the Bethany Shtepia e Foshnjës  (House of Babies) and have been here for about 10 years.  Our primary focus is to be the presence of Jesus to the children and staff at the orphanage.  We do this by spending one-on-one time with the children, doing activities with them, playing with them,  teaching them music, reading the Bible with them and praying for them. With the staff we build relationships, serve in a variety of ways, and share the gospel in the context of our relationships.  Professionally, we provide medical/nursing assistance, training for the staff, and social work and medical assessments of the children. We also support the community based programs of Bethany with their professional skills and by supporting the Bethany clinic staff  professionally, personally, and spiritually. 

  • Pray for finding families for children waiting for adoption.
  • Pray for recruiting host families for the Shepherding Program and for the foster care program. That the Lord would provide good, Christian families.
  • Pray that the Lord would direct us in the use of our time between the orphanage, the Bethany clinic community programs, the Sauk church, and the refugee program in Greece.
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