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Looking Back / Looking Forward

Looking Back / Looking Forward


Series: Looking Back / Looking Forward

Speaker: Alex Kennedy

Looking Back / Looking Forward
The Hebrew people of the Old Testament were great story-tellers. Through the feasts and festivals, God established a continual rhythm of rituals that caused His people to remember. God had rescued and redeemed them from slavery. The stories of remembrance taught them how to worship. 
Today, we have rituals and rhythms. But do these point us to the anchor of our soul, Christ Jesus?

Rhythms are the flow of our lives, the collection of daily habits. Everyone also has rituals, activities of worship. Yet, we should not practice these for nostalgia alone. There is a fine line between a rut and groove. Grooves are life-giving. Ruts are life-draining. Our daily and weekly rhythms and rituals should draw us closer to God, who never changes and is infinitely faithful. 

Rhythms and rituals bring strength and beauty to remembering.

In Jeremiah 6:16, the prophet is reminding the people of the "ancient path." This path is not just the old road, but the life-giving rhythm of rituals God provided for remembering His grace and love. Jeremiah is warning rebellious people who are facing imminent judgment that repentance and restoration are available. The "ancient path" is the way of hope. 

We need to reset some of our rhythms.  As we enter into a new year, it is a great time to evaluate the past year and determine what changes would honor Christ. There are ways to forge our rhythms. For example, where will you sit tomorrow morning for a quiet time with our Heavenly Father? This is your ritual. When will you do this? That is your rhythm. Go down the ancient path. Live abundantly in the Word!
To Discuss Today:
How did you see God move in your life this year (write these things down on a notepad)? How did God use your brokenness and weakness to point to His power and strength to bring Him glory?

What was the biggest prayer you prayed last year? How did God answer your prayers (yes, no, wait)?

What one thing will you do this year that will matter in 10 years? What are the big things you want to see God do in your life, your family, and your church that only He can do?

What is God calling you to change to form a rhythm that establishes a ritual that causes you to remember what God has done and is doing daily?  What habits would you need to establish?