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Apr 22, 2018

Root 66 - 1 Timothy

Root 66 - 1 Timothy

Passage: 1 Timothy 1-6

Preacher: David Miller

Series: Root 66

Keywords: 1 timothy, david, miller, root 66


Root 66 - 1 Timothy Root 66 Pastor David Miller April 22, 2018


Root 66: 1 Timothy
This morning was "Takeover Sunday" as our Student Ministry led all aspects of worship and teaching today. David Miller, our Student Discipleship Pastor, taught out of the book of 1 Timothy. The letters of Timothy and Titus are called the "pastoral epistles" because they speak about pastoral care of churches and qualifications for ministers.
Paul sent Timothy to the church at Ephesus to lead against the false teaching that had found it's way into the church. This letter is to give Timothy practical advice in how to live counter-culturally, and to give him instruction on how to pursue a life of godliness in the culture. Paul often speaks of physical training in his letters, and this one is no different. He commends Timothy for his focus on the Word, and compares physical training to spiritual training in this way:
1. Nourished (Ch.4:6-7)- you have to have the right diet.
A. Eat the right foods
B. Make the diet a lifestyle
Spiritually, that includes, Scripture, preaching, DC's, Friends, Books (the right ones
2. Disciplined (Ch. 4:8-9) - you have to stick to your diet
A. You can have the right diet, but if you don't stick to it then it is for nothing.
B. Consistency means nothing if you are constantly eating the wrong things.
Our spiritual disciplines include prayer, reading the Word, fasting, worship, Sabbath, service, and sharing our faith.
3. Trained (Ch. 4:10) - eating right is half the fight
A. A good diet without good training is a bad diet
B. Improper training leads to injury or burnout
We must not just get filled up on knowledge of God's word. We must do something with it!
4. Motivated (Ch.4:11-16) - to accomplish all of this requires motivation
A. Whether it is spiritual or physical fitness, it requires motivation to do it.
B. Motivation is an excuse killer.
1 Timothy 4:12 says, "Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity." Timothy used age as an excuse, which Paul quickly spoke into.
Our excuses include: Age, job, money, time, laziness
In order to track your progress physically and spiritually, there has to be self-evaluation and awareness. Godliness is counter-cultural, and it takes discipline both physically and spiritually to become more godly. We choose godliness to point others towards Christ.
Questions to Consider:
1. What excuses have you used to not train physically (food and exercise)? How about spiritually?
2. Do a self-awareness analysis on your godliness? How are you doing at pointing people to Christ? Where do you want to improve?
3. Are you spiritually obese? What can you do burn off some of those spiritual calories? Think ABLE...