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Apr 02, 2017

Root 66 - 2 Kings

Root 66 - 2 Kings

Passage: 2 Kings 1-25

Preacher: Alex Kennedy

Series: Root 66

Keywords: 2 kings, alex, kennedy, root 66


Root 66 - 2 Kings Root 66 Pastor Alex Kennedy April 2, 2017


Root 66 - 2 Kings
Legacy is not a choice because we will all leave one. We have a choice of what type of legacy it will be.
Chapters 1-17 Fall of Israel - Exiled by Assyria
Chapters 18-25 Fall of Judah - Exiled by Babylonia
Total Kings Bad Kings Good Kings Percentage of Good Kings
Israel 19 19 0 0%
Judah 20 12 8 40%
Total 39 31 8 21%
What makes a good king?
1. Worship God alone
2. Tear down idols
3. Remain faithful to the covenant
8 Good Kings Who's legacy did they model their reign after?
1. Asa King David (the Patriarch)
2. Jehoshaphat His Father
3. Joash The Priest (a mentor)
4. Amaziah His Father
5. Uziah His Father
6. Jotham His Father
7. Hezekiah King David (the Patriarch)
8. Josiah King David (the Patriarch)
Many of the "good kings" did not have a good example in their earthly father, but they chose to follow some one who had left a good legacy. You have the choice of what type of legacy you can leave regardless of who has led you until now. If you do not have a good example, find one in a mentor. Our ultimate mentor is Jesus Christ, and His legacy is His life, death, and resurrection. We can live a legacy of "blessing forward"!
To Discuss Today:
1. What legacy are you following?
2. What type of legacy are you leaving?
3. What would be written on your tombstone today?