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Aug 13, 2017

Root 66 - Joel

Root 66 - Joel

Passage: Joel 1-3

Preacher: David Miller

Series: Root 66

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Root 66 - Joel Root 66 David Miller August 13, 2017


Root 66: Joel
This morning we had the privilege of hearing from David Miller, our Student Discipleship Pastor, as he overviewed the book of Joel. Joel began prophesying in 835BC, but we do not know exactly when he penned this book. Joel is unique in that he is the only prophet to not call out a specific sin that the people are engaging in. He is also unique in that he studied many of the earlier books and knew the writings well. We assume that he assumed that the people he was writing to knew the Scripture well too.
Ch. 1-2a     The day of the Lord and Call to repentance
Ch. 2b        God's response to repentance
Ch. 2c-3     God's promise and the future day of the Lord
Joel begins by imagining a locust swarm and an army larger than anyone has ever seen. These describe a period of ultimate judgement on the people for their sin. He is saying, "turn away or witness total destruction". In Ch. 2:12-13, Joel shows us that it is the motive behind the repentance that matters". God is looking for a total heart change as we give 100% to Him. Without repentance, there is no reconciliation. We must remember that there is a difference between struggling with sin and a settled defiance of a sin lifestyle.
What repentance is NOT:
1. Simply praying a sinner's prayer
2. Feeling sorry about our sin
3. Simple verbal confession of sin
4. Getting religious - "paying God off"
5. Partial surrender
6. Perfection
We see God's response in Ch. 2:18-30 when it says He will have pity, restore the land, and pour out His Spirit.
To Discuss Today:
1. What gets in your way of your relationship to God?
2. Have you truly repented of your sin? Have you surrendered 100% of your life to Him? What do you do when you fall?
3. Do you have any settled defiance with sin in your life? Commit today to give that up.