It is our desire that everyone in the Carmel Family is a disciple of Christ in learning and living. We know that you will never be able to be an effective disciple maker for your children and others following behind you until you are walking Life in Christ. We want to join you in your journey by providing learning opportunities such as Sunday morning Discipleship Communities, Bible Studies and Wednesday night classes and conferences.

Because we want to equip parents as primary disciple makers, we have created a pathway for the beginning of Life in Christ that includes the following 6 Milestones:

Milestone: Parent/Child Dedication - Understanding your role as the primary disciple maker for your children and family. For more information and to register, click here

Milestone: Salvation - Leading your child into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Milestone: Preparing for Adolescence - Preparing your child to embrace their identity in Christ as a teenager.

Milestone: Purity for Life - Leading your teenager to live a life of biblical purity before and after marriage.

Milestone: Rite of Passage - Equipping your teenager for biblical manhood or womanhood.

Milestone: High School Graduation - Preparing Your teenager to follow Christ as they leave home. 

Click here for an enlarged view of the Milestones Pathway.

Milestone Resources

Click here for a list of resources, by Milestone, to help equip you to make disciples of your Nearest.