Praying the Carmel Vision

Dependent Prayer is one of our core values - those values that shape everything we do at Carmel and help us pursue the vision and direction the Lord has given to us.  Below are some prayer points under each of the three strategy areas for carrying out the mission of, “Making disciples of those Nearest, our Neighbors, and the Nations.” These prayer points align with the strategy statements for each area.

The vision statement can be found here

1.  Pray that we, as a church, view the priority of “going home first”.  That our time spent with our families, be they families of one or more, is of first importance.

2.  Pray for the marriages of Carmel - that we would be strengthened even in the face of a society that devalues marriage.  

3.  Pray that the fathers and mothers of Carmel embrace the call to be the primary disciplers of their children and that we equip them with all they need to lead their families.

4.  Pray that our families are pursuing the milestones we are presenting, not as another program event but as lifetime markers for their families.

5.  Pray specifically for our families who are in the process of or considering becoming a forever family for the orphans of our world.

6.  Pray that we are a church where children, students, singles, single-parents, young marrieds to empty nesters, blended families, families of one to ten, widows and widowers all feel compelled to take their place at the same table. Pray that we we will embrace all of these groups as sons and daughters of our Father in heaven.


1. Pray that we are a church that intentionally ‘disciples our NEIGHBORS’; that we are a church that actually believes the words of Christ to ‘love our neighbors’ are critically important for city transformation.

2. Pray that our church families will pray for those who live beside, behind, and before them, and then make the efforts to meet and fellowship with them.

3.  Pray that we become a church that encourages everyone to find balance and simplicity in their schedules and lifestyles to make these types of friendships with neighbors even possible.

4.  Pray for wisdom on where and when we are to plant our next daughter church.

5.  Pray that our neighbors see that we are a church that is FOR our neighbor; our neighbor we call the pre-born, our neighbor we call the orphan, and our neighbor otherwise hidden as a modern day sex slave who lives in our own city.

6.  Pray that we will own and live out Romans 13:8, which states “owe no man anything except to love him.”

7.  Finally, pray that Carmel will soon see the day that we are debt free, with a completed campus, when we will be able to give generously to those around us in need.


1. Pray that Carmel becomes a church that is laser focused on taking the gospel around the planet through short term projects as well as commissioning hundreds of career missionaries.

2.  Pray for our global partnerships, that we are investing in lives in a way that brings honor to God and not some project.

3. Pray for our dream that Charlotte will one day be known more as the City of King Jesus than simply as the Queen City would be a reality.