The elders oversee the worship, fellowship, witness, education, mission and ministry of the church. The elders model and teach biblical godliness, equip the saints for the work of the ministry, shape policy, pray, teach, uphold doctrine, oversee church discipline and shepherd the flock.

From among the elders, fifteen shall serve as the Elder Leadership Team (ELT), elders selected to fill the leadership role of the elders. Eight of these elders shall be lay elders and seven shall be pastoral elders. The Elder Leadership team leads and shepherds the church body in all decision-making matters. 

Elder currently serving as the Elder Leadership Team are:

Alex Kennedy, Chair
Clay Barnes
Bill Bazemore
Charles Cranford
Kermit Erickson
Jon Freeman
Jay Hancock
Jim Hughes
Kevin Hurst
Calvin James
Lem LeRoy
Patrick McCrory
Don Spain
Andy Tarr
Tim Wishon