What to Expect

What to expect on Sunday Morning

We look forward to seeing you at Carmel! We encourage all generations of the Carmel Family to worship together. We have three services in the Worship Center each Sunday. Services begin at 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am. Our pastor brings the same message at all worship hours. Each of our Sunday morning worship services lasts approximately an hour and fifteen minutes and includes the same elements of worship and music. Preview our worship songs and sermons

Location & Parking 

Carmel is located at 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd, in Matthews, NC.

As a guest, please park in the designated Guest Parking lot. There is also a shuttle from Elizabeth Lane Elementary and runs continuously on Sundays from 7:15am - 12:45pm.

On-Campus Parking Lot Key

A - Families with Young Children

B - Families with Young Children

C - Special Permit

D - Guests

E - H - General Parking

What should I wear?

We invite you to come as you are. Our members tend to dress casually, but you'll also find a mix of dressed up, laid back, and downright comfortable.

Carmel is such a big church. How do I meet people?

If you are not accustomed to attending a large church, Carmel can be overwhelming. The best way to get connected to others is to attend a Discipleship Community. We offer exciting communities for all ages at 9:30 and 11:00. To find a community of people, stop by any welcome desk and talk with the folks there waiting to help you. 

Another way to connect is at Carmel Midweek. We gather on Wednesday night for supper, fellowship and activities for all ages. 

How do I get started in a Discipleship Community?

All of our Discipleship Communities are open to new people every week. Parents can check in their preschoolers and children at the respective welcome centers in the areas we call "Downtown" (preschool) and "Uptown" (children). Students check in at the Gym. We have many Discipleship Communities for adults. The easiest way to find your classroom is to stop by a welcome desk and ask for directions.

What should I expect in a Discipleship Community?

All of our classes study the Bible. Preschoolers (birth-kindergarten) learn by listening to a brief Bible story and by singing, doing crafts and other fun exercises that help the simple truth sink in. Elementary-aged children learn through a combination of a large group teaching time and small group activities. Middle school and high school students also learn by a combination of large group and small group time. The Bible lessons for your children are easy to follow and relevant to everyday life. Adults use a variety of curricula with the primary goal of spiritual development for all learners. No matter how much you know about the Bible, you'll find your place in a Discipleship Community.