Preteens at a Glance

This is what owning our faith looks like in Preteens!

  • Inductive Bible Study of Jonah - Zoom, Look, Think, Live!
  • Studying the familiar Christmas Story using Inductive Bible Study
  • David and Daniel - Character Study
  • A Look at Jesus Last Week - Topical Study
  • Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Which Way to God - A look at world religions. What do YOU believe?

We participate in Famjam but on the other Wednesday nights we meet to look at the LIFE APPLICATIONS from a Preteens point of view. We also have a time where we "Dare to Be a Daniel" and Team Building Nights built in so that we can be the kind of Friends we each need!

Preteen Night Out

In February it is fun to come together for a night of running around...Um...learning to look at what Truth is! It's a fun night for preteens to bring friends and talk about what truth looks like in our world and how we can know what Truth is!

Preteen Retreat

We have thrown in a weekend away with parents so that we can chart a course for the next phase of maturing before the time really gets upon us. It's a special time for Parents and Preteens to talk about those topics every "teenager" needs to know and chart a course!