Preteens on Sunday

Sharpening faith skills by studying God's Word on our own!


At CarmelKidz Ministry we looked at and thought about what was important to leave Preteens with as they head out to the Student Ministry.

We came up with a plan to teach Preteens how to study God's word on their own! We understand what a difference that makes in the life of each believer as the Holy Spirit teaches us as we study God's Word for our self!

We make our large group smaller by providing small group leaders and a time for the kids to sit around a table and discuss God's word together. Learning to say out loud those things they have been led to discover in the Bible.

Small group leaders commit to a year of leading, shepherding and praying with and for their group. Preteens learn about each other and develop friendships to take them through the days ahead.

Discipleship Communities are important and we hope that each preteen is here as often as they can be to develop faith skills every believer needs to mature.