Preteen Junction at 56 Station in Uptown

Carmel has created what we call Preteen Junction for 6th graders who are caught at the Junction between childhood and becoming teenagers.

This is the place where preteens develop a “God Sense” to help navigate a changing world which is inundated with many voices and distractions.

On Sundays, Preteens learn to grow in faith as they are taught to study the Bible on their own. Preteens see and experience an authentic faith through Inductive Bible study and  Bible Character studies. We also explore and Unlock the Spiritual Gifts God has given each believer.

Wednesdays, Preteens assist in Famjam and on other Wednesday nights meet at the Junction to explore how virtues, service and team building are useful in helping us grow into the people God wants for us to be.



  • Authentic and growing faith
  • The Bible, the ultimate authority in my life
  • Jesus, the one and only way


  • Who I am in Christ


  • Moral Boundaries
  • Wise choices


  • Healthy Friendship


  • Gifts discovered and used