WEE School Welcome

Letter from Head of School

Welcome to Carmel Baptist WEE School!  We trust your child's experience here will be rich and rewarding. We don't assume that kind of experience will happen. We're intentional about it.

Carmel Baptist WEE School is a Christian preschool. We understand that spiritual foundations are put in place during a child’s early preschool years.  Our goal is to come alongside parents, the primary disciple-makers in a child’s life, and help them lead their children to understand God’s plan for their life. Our teachers are called and committed to providing a memorable, grace-filled school experience for your child.

WEE School’s teachers come well prepared and plan activities that are age appropriate. Children will have opportunities to master the readiness skills necessary for academic success. They will learn social skills and how to relate better to those in authority and to other children. We desire that children be kind, appreciative, pleasant and respectful. These traits are not just hoped for, but taught. A safe and happy environment is provided for your child. We recognize security is of high importance to parents.

Carmel Baptist is committed to ministering to your family as well as your child. Life is filled with times of joy and celebration as well as times of sadness and pain. God’s word teaches us to rejoice with those that rejoice and weep with those that weep.  We will do just that.

The WEE School program has most recently earned two awards. We are grateful for that kind of reputation in the community and grateful that your child will be a part of our program.  


Rachel Bright
WEE School Head of School