Media Center & Resources

Media Center Resources for use by WEE School Families

WEE School families are welcome to sign up for a family account and use the Media Center to check out books and audiovisual resources for their children – they do not have to be members of Carmel Baptist. Mornings before school are the best time for visits – the Media Center becomes a classroom between 9 am and 3 pm every weekday, and noon – 3 pm is an especially busy time with many classes and few volunteers.


Online Access

The Media Center recently switched to a web-based circulation system called Atrium, which means that we now have an OPAC (online public access catalog). You can search, renew and reserve from anywhere you can connect to the internet. The Carmel Media Center OPAC can be accessed here. Once inside the OPAC, you can search for items, reserve or renew items, or check the status of your account. A user name and PIN are required to reserve or renew – please stop by the Media Center to sign up.

For more information about the Carmel Media Center, please stop by for a visit.