Sample Day

Tick-Tock, It's 9 o'clock

Our school day is 9:00am - 1:00pm. All children are to be taken to their classrooms. Children will not be received before 8:55am, due to teachers preparing for the day. Parents are asked to have children at school on time. When a child is late it is awkward for the child and for the teachers who have already begun teaching activities.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Our WEE School program uses the Weekday Early Education Curriculum Guides as the basis for our teaching curriculum. Our teachers will enhance this material with other resources and their previous experiences.

We will be covering nine basic concept areas: God, Jesus, Bible, church, family, self, others, community and natural world. This will give us the springboards to help our preschoolers learn more about their world.

Our teaching method is through learning centers. Preschoolers will choose from art, blocks, homeliving, music, nature, puzzles and manipulatives where activities have been planned to help teach the topic of study. Teachers will teach through use of conversations, stories, songs, prayer thoughts, and Bible thoughts as preschoolers are involved in doing.

Extra-curricular activities include music with teachers trained in the music field. Children participate in singing, movement, musical games and playing instruments.

Once a month a storyteller from the Public Library comes to share with our 3's, 4's and T.K. classes good children's books and quality literature.

Tick-Tock, It's 1 o'clock

Classes are over at 1:00pm. All children, birth through Transitional Kindergarten, will be picked up from their classrooms. There is no car pool pick-up. Children will be ready for pick-up beginning at 12:50pm. As you pick up remember it will be necessary for one teacher to remain with the children while the other teacher helps children prepare to leave. For this reason we ask that parents not carry on lengthy conversations with the teacher at this time. If you have concerns or questions please feel free to ask them to contact you at home. To help with prompt pick-up there is a late charge for any child picked up after 1:10pm. The charge is $0.50 a minute for the first five minutes and $1.00 a minute for each minute after 1:15pm. If you are unable to get here on time call ahead and let us know. In most cases, this will waive the late charge.

This method of pick-up will help us ensure the safety of your children and help maximize our classroom time.

Staggered Entrance

We begin our school year with staggered entrance. This helps all children adjust to the new Fall schedule.