Other Opportunities

Student Leadership

The purpose of the Student Leadership teams is to equip students to develop ownership and responsibility, discover their giftedness, find their place of service, deepen their faith in Christ and provide additional opportunities for them to be invested in by others. Student Leadership Teams include the following:

  • Greeting Team: The Greeter Team will be the warm and welcoming face of Student Ministry. If you're great at making friends, smiling, connecting with others, and making others feel welcome, this could be a great place for you to serve.
  • Backstage Team: The Backstage Team is for those who love to be behind the scenes. These teams will serve through setup, tear-down, and audio-visual.
  • Variety Team: The Variety Team will play an important role during Worship and special events. Students on this team will help run games, create fun videos, interview others on-stage, make announcements, lead large group activities, etc.
  • Small Group Leaders: This leader position is for 11th-12th grade students that desire to lead a MS Small Group on Sunday morning.
  • Photo Team: The Photo team is responsible for taking pictures and videos at student ministry events. Students on this team need to have a giftedness in taking pictures, filming, and social media. The requirements for this team vary upon when student ministry events are held. The team will be responsible for promoting future and recapping past events on our student ministry social media platforms.
  • CSTV Team: The CSTV Team will create produce weekly video announcements for Small Groups and Midweek. The production will be produced on Wednesdays prior to Midweek service. Team will include anchors, special reporters, camera operators, writers, and editors. 

We are prayerfully asking God to lead us as we go through the applications to place students in the various leadership positions. Please understand that not everyone that applies will be selected.

Requirements for Student Leadership:

  • A heart for students and their spiritual growth in Christ.
  • Committed to the mission, vision, strategy, and core values of Carmel and Student Ministry.
  • Seeks to grow in knowledge of the Bible and their  personal relationship with God.
  • Models the disciplines of the Christian life.
  • Actively part of your Small Group.
  • Spiritual gifts and abilities related to the serving position.
  • Flexible | Available | Teachable
  • Members of Student Leadership must attend leadership training on Wednesdays during the school year from 5:45-6:15pm.

All students in 7th-12th grade are welcome to apply. Please take time to pray and read through the team descriptions and requirements below before applying. If you have any questions contact Ryan Jackson at   


Worship Team

The Student Worship Team is made up of High School Students who lead worship at Midweek. If you are interested in serving and using your talent to lead worship take some time to read the Student Worship Team Standards and Responsibilities below. 

  • Attend weekly worship services at Carmel; 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00am.
  • Attend and actively participate in Student Small Group.
  • Attend the Student Worship Team trainings.
  • Practice the music you are given before rehearsal.
  • Occasionally attend Sunday afternoon rehearsals, the week you are scheduled to play. You will be notified several weeks in advance if this is the case.
  • On the Wednesdays you are scheduled to play; you are expected attend set up and run through at 4:00pm, participate in our Student Leadership training at 5:45pm and assist with tear down until 8:00pm.
  • After the worship set, sit with all the students and be a part of the Student Worship service.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that is worthy of your position. This includes your conduct in school, out of school, at home, and online.
  • Student Worship Team members can and will be dismissed from serving at the discretion of Student Ministry team.

To set up a time for an audition please email Ryan Jackson, our Student Pastor, at   .  At the bottom of this page you will find the music and a song required for your audition. Please bring your own instrument and music. (Drums and keys will be provided).

If you are already a member of the Student Worship Team you do not need to audition again unless you are auditioning for another instrument.


For your audition, you will play or sing Lion and the Lamb by Leeland along with members of the band. This is not meant to be a stressful or difficult experience. We want to find out where you are musically, and how you would best plug in as a part of Student Worship Team.

For Musicians, Lion and the Lamb was originally recorded in the Key of B. We play it in the key of G. This is why you have both charts, both tracks, and the charts. The audition will be in the key of G.

Click on the links below to listen to the song and view the charts.