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Table Talk - Week of July 31, 2016

Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit Glorifies Christ

2 Chronicles 7:1-3 GLORY awakens AWE which unleashes WORSHIP

One of the passions of the Holy Spirit is to bring glory to Jesus. Jesus deserves that glory, and prayed for it right after He administered the Last Supper (John 17:1-5). Glory is defined as, "(OT weighty, heavy), (NT radiance, brightness)" or as Pastor Alex defines it, "to make much of something." We see the glory of God throughout the Scriptures:

Exodus 24:16 - on Mt. Sinai, the glory of the Lord was like a devouring fire
Exodus 29 - "The Tabernacle will be sanctified by my glory"
Exodus 33 - God passed by Moses while covering Moses with His hand and allowed Moses to only see his back.
Exodus 40 - The cloud covering the Tabernacle was so thick that Moses couldn't enter
2 Chron 5:14 - Priests could not even stand up because of the glory of the Lord

By pointing us back to Jesus, the Holy Spirit is helping us. Too often, other good things compete for the affection of our heart. We ultimately worship those idols, and those glory substitutes are offered to us every day. Remember, awe should be driven by the vertical only...never the get to worship on time, and read your Bible to help point you vertically!

We glorify Jesus:
1. In our salvation - tell your story!
2. In our sanctification - your growth in Christ
3. When you bear fruit - John 15:8
4. With your good deeds - Matthew 5

To Discuss Today
1. When was the last time you stopped and considered the glory of God?
2. What competes for the affection of your heart?
3. Share about a time when glory led to awe which led to worship in your life?
4. How does the Spirit help point you vertically?

Father, thank you for sending Your Spirit as Helper to point me to the person and work of Jesus. Too often, my attention and affection focus on the things of the world, and my worship goes to those things. Please forgive me for taking my affection off of Jesus. Jesus, I praise you for Your perfect sacrifice so that I can live in peace with the Father. Holy Spirit, help me make much of Jesus in all that I do this week!

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