The Journey

Welcome to Journey - Fall 2020 

. . . it was getting to last light and we had lost contact with each other in the gloom. We were all spread out and as darkness fell there was a danger of the patrol getting split. As we ran, we scanned the ground for a suitable rally point, anybody in the patrol could make the choice. There was a loud shout 50 meters to my half-right,  RALLY! RALLY! RALLY! Whoever it was, he'd found some cover where we could get down and consolidate ourselves. This was good news, because at the moment we were fragmented - all fighting our own little dramas. We needed a rally point to get everyone together before moving off again. . .



  • Begins the week of October 4, ends week of December 7
  • Journey Group options include:
    • Virtual (via Zoom)
    • On Campus at Carmel on either Wednesday nights (6:15 - 7:30pm)

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ABOUT THE JOURNEY - FALL 2020: The Banner that Unites Us

With the assaults and divisiveness that have surrounded all of us for half a year, we desperately need a reminder of what truly unites us as men who follow Jesus. Every week Craig Glass, founder of Peregrine Ministries, will teach virtually on a theme that encourages us and reminds us that God is in charge, and that He will bring Hope, Courage, and Light as we follow Him.

Starting Friday, October 2, a video of Craig’s teaching will be made available on the Peregrine website. You, or your group of men, can watch that at whatever time of the week is most convenient for you. You will then journey with other men, using the provided discussion prompts, at whichever "rally point" you have registered for or are currently using with your journey group. We believe this customized approach of virtual or in-person small group options will give you and the men you journey with the boost you need this fall.

2020 Fall Journey Invitation - Craig Glass from Carmel Baptist on Vimeo.


Craig has had a variety of ministry roles throughout his career. He spent 20 years with International Teams, a missions agency based in Chicago, first leading a team based in Vienna, Austria smuggling Christian literature behind the Iron Curtain, then as Vice President of Ministries providing leadership training and pastoral support to 600 world-wide staff.  From 1995 through 1999 Craig served on the staff of Willow Creek Community Church providing leadership to the Legacy men’s ministry, consisting of 100 small groups and 800 men. The following 3 years Craig served as National Director and Vice President of Team Ministries with International Students Inc., with responsibilities for the oversight of the national and regional directors. Currently Craig is the director of Peregrine Ministries whose mission is to guide and inspire men on their life journey.

Questions about The Journey or Men's Ministry at Carmel? Contact Jim Hughes.