Midweek for Preschoolers

Midweek for Preschoolers (6:15 - 7:15pm during school year)

Birth – 2’s are lovingly cared for each Wednesday night in their Downtown classrooms. 

Children age 3 to 5 are in a program written just for Carmel preschoolers called GROW. This program is based on the verse, “Jesus grew wiser and stronger and in favor with God and others.” Luke 2:52 There are 4 components of GROW. The children learn about one each week.

  • G – Glorify - A large group worship time for preschoolers is high energy, interactive and led by outside groups. Preschoolers learn age appropriate worship songs and how to express their worship through movement.
  • R – Recite – Lots of fun activities help the children learn and memorize scripture. They paint an inch on a ruler for each verse they learn and watch their sunflowers grow!
  • O – Others – The focus on others comes through projects to benefit the elderly, shut-ins, widows, disaster victims etc. These activities help a preschooler learn compassion for those around them.
  • W – World – The children learn about missionaries and mission work and enjoy activities and a snack that helps them better understand how the children in other places live.