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Wednesday Night Family Supper

Join us for a delicious supper on Wednesday nights at Carmel.
Supper is served from 4:45 to 5:45pm.

Large Plate:  Meatloaf or Herb Baked Chicken
$7                    Green Bean Casserole
                        Creamed Corn
                        Apple Salad

Small Plate:  Chicken Sandwich
  $4                  Grapes
                        Cheese Cubes

The Salad Bar will be available this week. A small salad (bowl) is $1.00 and a large salad (plate): $3.00. 



  • Family Night Supper now ends at 5:45pm 
  • There has been a small price increase for the Wednesday supper meals. Large plate is $7.00, small plate is $4.00.