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Carmel Deacons

Deacon Team

    In accordance with the New Testament scriptures, deacons are to be spiritual leaders and servants of the church. Deacons serve God under the leadership of the pastor and elders in the practical ministry of the church including:

    1. Guiding the church in the achievement of its mission,
    2. Proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers, and 
    3. Caring for the church's members and other persons in the community

    Deacon Fellowship

    Deacon Fellowship Term Ending

    July 31, 2024

    July 31, 2025

    July 31, 2026

    Mark Angel

    Matt Dye

    Robert Bradford

    Jared Arrowood

    Josh Fox

    John Brandenburg 

    Dan Coffey 

    Jeff Higgins 

    Zachary Cooler

    Steven Dockery

    Kevin Mosteller

    Monty Dobbins

    Victor Ferrari 

    Austin Murray

    Darrick Embry 

    Sim Hughes

    Clay Porter

    Jim Hayes

    Lance Richey 

    Roger Kortekaas

    Jacob Hendrick 

    Mike Seelig 

    Rock Schulz 

    Burt Lohoff-Gaida

    Hugh Shannon

    Ron Stalcup 

    Gary Sheats

    Mark Tregde

    Stuart Wilson 

    Niel Sutton  

     Tom Williamson

    Dan Yardley

    Ted Wilburn



    Walter (Tom) Wood



    • Dan Coffey – Chair
    • Jeff Higgins – Vice Chair
    • Josh Fox – Caring 
    • Rock Schultz – Prayer 
    • Hugh Shannon – Widows 
    • Jared Arrowood – Lord’s Supper 
    • Austin Murray – Recorder 
    Want to Know More About the Deacon Ministry?

    Carmel is committed to making disciples of those Nearest, our Neighbors and the Nations.

    1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Matthews, NC 28105