Carmel Men's Ministry Values

LEGACY: Legacy is the part of us that lives in others after we’re gone. We receive an inheritance we didn’t choose transformation
determines the legacy we will pass on.

TRANSFORMATION: Every word we write and every action we take is to see the hearts of men increasingly transformed into the likeness of Christ.

AUTHENTICITY: We aspire to conduct our relationships with a commitment to being truthful about ourselves, so that the man others see is increasingly consistent with the man we are beneath the surface.

COMMUNITY: We pursue a community where we know others deeply, reveal ourselves genuinely and simply enjoy each other‘s presence.

INTEGRITY: The commitment to make every decision with honesty even when it hurts. Willingly speaking the truth in love; bringing both courage and compassion.

COMPASSION: The conscious choice to feel what others feel and to act on their behalf. It comes from our own wounds that are healed and redeemed.

REDEMPTION: When God takes a part of our story that is broken, and turns it around 180° to make it a powerful source of healing for others.

MISSION: Being compelled to act, speak and live from the deepest part of our hearts for the benefits of others. A unique combination of God-given talents, gifts and values that create God‘s calling on our lives. We can’t not do it.

SIGNIFICANCE: Reminding ourselves and teaching men that our significance is not based on our power, possessions and prestige, but on the foundation of who our Creator is.

To learn more about our community of men at Carmel, contact Jim Hughes or Brad Ferguson.