What We Do

A place where kidz GROW UP like Jesus

CarmelKidz is a place where 1st through 6th graders grow up like Jesus in a friendly, safe and creative environment.  We believe the life of a disciple of Jesus is marked by 4 things that we describe with the acronym ABLE.  It's just as true for kids as it is for adults!

  • Abide in Christ.  We want to see kids grow in their relationship with Jesus through reading the Bible, spending time in prayer, and choosing to follow Jesus with their whole heart.
  • Build relationships.  God designed us for relationships with others.  We want to see kids growing in their relationships with their friends, parents, teachers, and small group leaders.  
  • Live the gospel.  Following Jesus is an everyday thing.  We want to see kids living the message of the Gospel of Jesus in their words and their actions everyday, everywhere!
  • with Everything.  We don't give Jesus part of our life, we give Him everything!  We want to see kids leveraging their entire life for Jesus.

We are committed to making disciples of the NEXT GENERATION as we equip and partner with parents.  True discipleship starts in your home with those NEAREST.  Because we understand that parents are the primary disciple makers, we are here to help parents as well as children.  It is our goal to equip and empower parents to share the good news of Jesus with their kids.  

CarmelKidz ministry is located on the 2nd floor closest to the Alexander Road traffic light.