Do Whatever He Tells You: Week 11 - John 16:16-33

Series: Do Whatever He Tells You

Aug 13, 2023

Do Whatever He Tells You: Week 11

John 16:16-33

Today, Pastor Jason led us through John 16:16:33. Let's not forget that these are Jesus' final words and instructions to His disciples, and we know that "last words" carry a weight with them. Jesus is making sure His disciples see the condition of their hearts as He is speaking to them about what is most important.


Joy is found in the same story as our sorrow

  • Jesus assures His disciples that there will be weeping AND rejoicing
  • Jesus tells His disciples what is to come not so they will know every detail, but He does it so they will believe and have peace in those moments
  • God's work was not to replace their sorrow with joy, but to TURN sorry into joy.


Joy is found in through abiding in Christ

  • No one will be able to take our joy away if it is rooted in knowing Christ
  • The work of Jesus in our lives is an expression fo the love of the Father (v27)
  • Our relationship with God has forever changed through Christ and we can now rejoice in knowing Him as sons and daughters (John 20:17)
  • If your pursue Christ, joy and peace WILL come


Joy is found in the victory of Christ

  • God turns our questions about the "when?", "why?", and "how long?" in sorrow into a question of "who?" because our sorrow drives us to Jesus
  • Jesus connects their story to His own - the same as He does with us - so that we can know and share in His victory
  • Tribulation is certain but peace is a gift we receive because Christ has won the battle (v33)
  • When we are trusting Christ, we can take heart in the confidence that He is the one writing the redemption story of our lives


If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the worst-case scenario for your life has already happened. You will not have to pay the price for your sin through a separation from the Father. Be encouraged and trust the Author who is writing the long story of your life. In Jesus, there is a happily ever after because we will be in a forever relationship with Him.


Questions to consider:

  1. How have you seen God bring joy out of your sorrow?
  2. Wh was the sorrow the disciples felt just for "a little while"? How is that true for us today?
  3. How does prayer deepen our sense of joy in the presence of God?
  4. What is the biggest challenge to your joy in Christ? How will you face that challenge with hope in the gospel?

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