Church Multiplication

Since 1972, Carmel has been about Church Multiplication, because we believe that a variety of churches meeting all over the city are more effective than perpetually building one congregation. There is great variety in our approach to Church Multiplication. We have seen churches launched in different languages including Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. We have planted churches from scratch and we have also come alongside aging congregations to revitalize or replant so that the Gospel could flourish again. 

Over the years, Carmel has been a Sending Church providing spiritual accountability, financial resources, pastoral leadership, and a group of congregation members to launch out and start something new. Carmel has also been a Supporting Church during the start-up phase of other congregations in order to help firmly establish them in their community. In all of these ways, we are thrilled to be part of what God is doing here in Charlotte and around the world.

Carmel has SENT:
  • 1981: Living Hope at Ballantyne (Formerly Covenant Baptist)
  • 2009: Five Stones
  • 2016: Grace One (Mandarin & English)
  • 2019: Redeemer Charlotte
  • 2021: Mission Chapel 
Carmel has SUPPORTED:
  • 1972: Sharon Baptist Church
  • 1981: Candlewyck Baptist Church
  • 1991: First Baptist Church Weddington
  • 2005: McKee Road Baptist Church
  • 2015: Mercy Church
  • 2015: Oakhurst Baptist Church
  • 2016: Family Church (Russian Language)
  • 2018: Multiply Church
  • 2018: Impacto Charlotte (Spanish)
  • 2020: Steadfast Church

Questions? Contact Bob Meisel at 704.846.8575.