Global Outreach

Partnering to serve
the Nations


Our Guiding Values of Global Missions

Carmel is FOR Engagement
We believe every believer has been uniquely gifted by God and has a role in helping to build His church around the world. Our desire is to see every believer engaged in ministry, either locally or globally.

Carmel is FOR the Local Church
We believe Jesus established the local Church as the primary means of reaching the world with the Gospel. Our desire is to encourage and support local indigenous Churches as they seek to reach their communities with the Gospel.

Carmel is FOR the Unreached
Of the 7.9 billion people alive today, more than 3 billion people are still considered unreached and unengaged. Our desire is to help advance the gospel to these groups of people by whatever means possible – praying, giving, and going.

God is at work throughout the world in unprecedented ways, and it is our desire to join Him where He is working. We invite you to grow in your understanding of how God has gifted you, what the opportunities are, and then join us in being the hands and feet of Jesus to the world.

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Pray: For the unreached

Carmel is committed to helping to reach the unreached and the unengaged, and those who still do not have God’s word in their own language. Generally, these are difficult areas to access.

Please pray for:

  • Encouragement and grace for those who are serving in difficult areas.
  • God to draw people to Himself through the truth of His word.
  • An open and willing heart to be used by God as He leads you.
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Give: To Gospel work around the world

We believe the most effective way to reach the world is through the local Church and the teaching of God’s word. As of April 2023, of the 7,360 languages in the world about 2,023 languages (27.5%) do not have any Scripture. Unless someone goes and learns their language, they may never hear the gospel during their lifetime.

How can you help?

  • Give financially to support those who have gone to the unreached.
  • Give to Bible translation. Carmel’s Big 3 Goal of Gospel Proclamation includes raising funds for Bible translation. At the end of 2022 we reached our initial goal of raising $1 million dollars for Bible translation, now our goal is to double that!. It costs roughly $32 per verse to translate the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Consider giving to fund your favorite scripture passage.
  • Give to Church planting. Carmel is committed to seeing local churches planted both locally and around the world through training and equipping as well as supporting those involved in church planting cross-culturally.
Get Involved

Go: Get personally involved in global missions

  • Prayerfully consider your involvement in missions, whether short-term or long-term.
  • Participate in one of Carmel’s short-term trips.
  • Perhaps God is leading you to consider long-term missions. We would love to talk and pray with you. To learn about Carmel’s missions opportunities, please email


How can I find out about the latest volunteer opportunities in the community?

The best way to stay in the loop is to read our weekly Enews. It features the latest collection opportunities and volunteer needs. You can also check our website’s Outreach page for the most recent ministry opportunities.

I'm interested in volunteering, but I'm not sure where to begin. Is there someone I can talk to for guidance?

Absolutely! You can reach out to the Carmel Neighbors Outreach Team by emailing, and they’d be more than happy to help you figure out the best way to get involved. They can connect you to the right person and other Carmel members who are already serving.

Do I need any special training or skills to participate in Carmel's Local Outreach Ministry?

While some outreach programs may require specific skills, most volunteering opportunities are open to anyone with a willingness to serve and learn. We do offer specialized training to prepare you for community service, ensuring that you’re equipped and able to help without causing any harm. Just email to set up a presentation or training session for your small group.

My small group wants to get involved together. Are there any outreach opportunities specifically designed for small groups?

Many of our ministry opportunities are perfect for small groups looking to serve together. Browse our list of outreach programs on the website, and feel free to email for guidance on group-friendly opportunities

How can I learn more about Carmel’s Global Outreach activities?

To learn more about our global missions and initiatives, email the team at